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How do YOU define consciousness?

What is your definition of consciousness, not the dictionary’s.


  1. Being aware of yourself as a body interacting with the environment and thinking about things, problem-solving and stuff.

  2. Self-awareness.
    Now ask me to define “self-awareness.”
    Now ask me to define my definition of “self-awareness>”
    And so on. Anyone who claims to have an absolute definition of an imponderable state of being is either lying or naive.
    No one really knows what consciousness is.

  3. Being completely at harmony with your physical and spiritual self, and being completely aware of the cosmic forces around you.

  4. There is a noted difference between self-consciousness and consciousness. The common mistake is to assume the human philosophical perspective of ” I think therefore I am” with regards to consciousness. Also, It does not mean enlightened or conscientious, and is commonly misused. For our purposes, Consciousness is the existence of the observer within a living system. Now, many senses can be used for observation, and many life-forms can experience consciousness. Sight, Smell , touch, and brain activity comprise the basic characteristics of being able to observe the world and experience it. Language allows humans to communicate the experience of consciousness, yet is not consciousness itself.


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