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How do you deal with the girl from The Ring?

What would be some supernatural solutions? (i.e. magic, spells, rituals, prayers, etc.) I’m particularly interested in some genuine Wiccan input.
Wiccan and magical input please. For example, how effective would black tourmaline be against her? I’ve heard the stone to be useful against psychic attacks, but surely it can’t stand against such a vengeful spirit?


  1. I think the easy solution is to get someone else to watch the tape within the 7 day period. The next solution is to follow the clues and find the body. Thirdly, get right with Jesus.
    If you want to fight her head to head, perhaps a spell of magic missle, thats how I always fought the dragons in dungeons and dragons.
    edit: I am sure black tourmaline would be most effective if it was embedded in the handle of a sawed-off shotgun or chainsaw. Check out the “Evil Dead” movies for information on how to fight these creatures.

  2. I’m not wiccan, but I do perform house clearings. So based on what I remember from the movie, I would say, first the obvious is that someone needs to find and bury the body so the spirit can rest.
    In the meantime, I would try white-lighting and smudging.
    Black tourmaline, onyx, apache tear, hematite etc. might be useful to put around doorways, or in the corners of the house but its probably not enough on its own.
    That’s just my guess of what might be the best. But my memory of that movie is a bit rusty.

  3. I would turn off the TV when she was halfway out. Then I’d give her a big old punch right in the nose. Then I’d call some Jehovah’s witness’ to lecture her on her evil ways.

  4. I’d go get a sandwich if the movie got too scary.
    Realistically, though, I’m a big enough boy now to realize that it’s just a movie and she’s just an actor so I don’t need to be scared. ;o)
    Edit: I like wushuboy’s suggestion of embedding black tourmaline in a sawed-off shotgun, but I really think it would be more likely to be effective if it were in round pellets and in the shotgun shell just in front of the propellant…

  5. Great question. No, black tourmaline is helpful but not against that level of power. An entity with that much power would likely take a groupe of people to deal with, honestly. And I’ve never heard of such a case, thankfully, but doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Personally I would do Da’ath related magick on her and get friends involved. To banish something of that magnitude would take black or red magick. As for the tape, only someone hypnotizable would be susceptable to such magicks. Anyone with training would have turned off the video in the middle of it, but it would take a lot of concentration.

  6. Didn’t you watch the movie?
    The girl never sleeps!
    From a Witchy perspective 😉 I would say that it would take a coven to bind her…using knotwork and maybe putting something of hers in a jar…putting some positive items inside to keep the negative energy down and then sealing that jar and burying it where no one would ever find it.
    But someone always finds it and when she gets free again, she is going to be p*ssed off!
    Black tourmaline wouldn’t really do the trick. This girl climbs out of televisions…that’s not really the same as psychic attack.
    She’s mean enough already, just don’t watch the tape. 😉
    Okay, well there is one thing. Calling on the assistance of the Triple Goddess Bridget or Hectate would probably increase your chances of getting rid of her.

  7. Some friends and I invited her to a party..she was wild…she even did a keg stand..she got a little drunk that night and slept with my best friend..he thinks he got her pregnant..what a ugly baby that will be


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