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How do you deal with negative energy?

Any personal stories?…I moved from the Bay Area to the San Joaquin Valley….I know they’re 2 different worlds..but why do i feel like i dont belong here…I’m 19 years old, and a full time student…I feel like I dont fit in..and feel surrounded by a lot of negative energy around these neighborhoods….and I feel like i dont share the same mindset with the community here…any advice would be most appreciated!


  1. Happy….use the positive pole on a battery. If you can’t find this stuff, move out of that neighborhood. It will sap all the good vibes and energies from you because you will burn it all just to try to please these people and stuff. Move on friend. If it don’t fit, you must leave.

  2. Right there with you….I just moved as well…feel the same way also…I have decided to make the best of it and enjoy my own happy self and hopefully, just maybe I can smile and share the goodness….smiling and laughing can be contagious…lol….it works for me at work and socially so…that’s a good thing ….

  3. Focus on Your School work, That is the most important investment to your life you can make right now, you are very young and still have much time to do lot of things in your life. Surroundings can be a pain but when you have a goal in mind and a dream to follow, those things don’t matter. Hey I have never really fit-in either. I’ve just focused on my education as well and have a few friends the mean the world to me and have been my ongoing support next to my family. In time Some one wonder full will come into you life as you will be all the more great-full when it does happen, Life is tough and require tons of Patience!

  4. Hmm…try to be more open-minded. Maybe you just miss home and arent givin gthis new area a chance? I’m guessing you are talking about the California area? Well…just take it one day at a time, meet new people, go out, get a new job to keep you busy if you just seriously cannot stand it. If it get stoo unbearable…go back home. But don’t be a quitter! You can do it!

  5. It was opposite for me, since my family moved from that area to the Bay Area. I agree with what a previous person said about concentrating on your studies as much as possible. That didn’t solve my problems, but I found that a lot of other matters fell into place when I got the studies out of the way and made good grades.
    There will always be negative people and groups. It’s a fact of life. When I used to work in school groups, I hated that I didn’t fit in or like working with the others. Once I got out of school and started working, I found that the group experiences helped me to see what the real world will be like.
    Also, those in your neighborhood will be history someday, sooner than you think. I rarely think about all those people from several years ago. Think of it this way, the better your grades and education, the better chance you have of distancing yourself from them.

  6. I too have moved from the Bay Area to Modesto in 2002 when I was 16. I felt the same way at first especially because of the hot weather out here and i thought everyone was stuck up. But I also didn’t realize that my close mindedness inhibited me from experiencing the big picture. You have to put yourself out there and allow yourself to become vulnerable to the criticism or negativity just so that you can experience it and take what you like and learn from it.Modesto is a funny city because everyone runs around here thinking they are all HOLLYWOOD status but its just people in general. You can find great friends in this family oriented community. I found someone that I beleived was in my past life and now we are going 4 yrs strong in our relationship. Be open to the possibilities and you will come to like certain things about this county. What part of San Joaquin are you in? Modesto, Turlock, Delhi?Modesto and Turlock are pretty good cities to live here in this county.


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