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How do you deal with anxiety and negative energy?

What’s your method of kicking yourself back in gear, when the chips are down?


  1. Do something that you enjoy: go running, talk to friends, watch a funny film, go for a drive. Whatever you like, just as long as you do something, and don’t sit around thinking.
    I like to throw one off now and then…

  2. I move myself out of that space and get absorbed into something else just to distract and distance a little bit from the “problem”. Once I fee better, I’ll come back to see if I can still solve the problem or at least figure out simple solutions to deal with it.

  3. Eating healthy and exercising.
    If I have an especially bad day I make sure to exercise more, gives me time to think, and keeps my body balanced, then I’m ready to take life back.
    Exercise is shown to be as effective as antidepressants, so it also means that I have less negative energy generally.
    The trick for anxiety though, on top of exercise, is breathing, slow deep breathing and thinking it out.
    Oh, and to tie it all in together, my brain is in my body, and thus my mind, keeping my body healthy keeps my brain healthy. There is no division there, it all works together.

  4. You can practice creative visualization meditation with some new age or soothing music in background. While doing this, make image as vivid as possible. It can be a serene place that make your heart feel lighter and more peaceful. It can be your happy memory one.

  5. If I can’t motivate myself with thought, I get up and I work out until numb.
    I remember always hearing my drill sergeants say (while at boarding high school) the best quote:
    “when the mind is weak, the body will be strong”
    sounds about right, yeah?


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