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How do you create a subliminal message?

I want to do a project on subliminal messaging but I dont know how.
I don’t know how to make one but I want to know how to create one.


  1. A subliminal message is a signal or message designed to pass below the normal limits of perception. For example, it might be inaudible to the conscious mind (but audible to the subconscious or deeper mind) or might be an image transmitted briefly, yet perceived unconsciously. In the everyday world, some have claimed that subliminal techniques are used in advertising and propaganda.

  2. If you’re doing some sort of visual media presentation, like a movie, you would include some frames that say something like “Buy Coca-Cola”. You would not leave the frames onscreen long enough for the conscious mind to register, but the unconscious mind would see it and respond. It’s harder to do with audio, but not impossible.

  3. You could record a sound like “Greenspan ownz” in windows sound recorder, and then speed up the recording a bunch then insert that sound file into some music or something.

  4. Another perfect example of a lazy person wanting the good people of Yahoo-answers to do his/her work for them. I say, get those googling fingers googling. This question is too easy, I’ll take a pass.

  5. Creation of visual subliminal messages would depend (give me money) entirely upon your medium. With static text, it is (lots of money) silly to try, since it will be quite obvious. You will need a medium that is “refreshed” on a regular basis, and as quickly as (in small, unmarked bills) possible. Motion pictures refresh from 24 or 29.97 times per second, and computer screens typically refresh (give me more money) from 60 and up times per second, so these could be some very good media for you. Simply insert a short, simple command within one or two frames such that its duration (do it now) is too short to be consciously noticed, but its instruction is direct and simple.
    Sonic subliminal messages are much (bark like a dog) different in that most any sound may be used as the carrier. The idea is that a sonic message, which again should be simple and direct, is “mixed in” with the (bark louder) original sound at a level just above human perception in the hopes that the subject will not consciously notice it but will still unconsciously pick it up and act upon it. I don’t have any specific (roll over) numbers as far as percentage of decibel output or such, unfortunately, so you should just play around with different values until you get something that seems (play dead) reasonable.
    Good luck! (Woof!)

  6. Play off of what CERTAIN people already know not using the literal sence, then say something that mean means a particluar thing to EVERYONE but only that meaning to certain people so that they get the message just enough to obey it but not to understand it, and the rest of the crowd doesnt even know that they have been witness to the message so they continue on without hearing or obeying, looking at the certain few and wonder who told them to do this. Make it sweet and rewarding so that there is a tendancy to apply themselves as well 😉

  7. Spell pots 5 times fast.
    Spell it 5 times faster.
    Spell it as fast as you can.
    What do you do at a green light?
    (pots is stop spelled backward. By saying it repeatedly and fast most people answer the question wrong.)

  8. They first started testing with subliminal messages on film-strips many years ago…by inserting on the film every few frames a message like: “drink Coca-cola”. The frame could not be perceived by the eye…but your brain DID percieve it. When they first tried this type of subliminal message, coke sales more than doubled. Other than that, I really have no idea how to do it…and as a matter of fact, subliminal-messages are against federal law. So I’d be very careful if I was you.

  9. I once saw a print ad for scotch. It was a photo of a tall glass of scotch over rocks. But the shadows within the ice cubes were like an ink blot test: you thought you saw an alluring woman in a bikini. It wasn’t blatant at all, and in fact you had to turn the page upside down to actually “see” the image. But the brain got the message no matter which way the page was turned. And the idea of course was to make you want to buy the scotch because it aroused one sensually. This print ad was used as an example in a class I took about subliminal advertising. With photo software you should be able to do something similar. Remember: it cannot be blatant, or obvious; subtlety is the keyword here.
    Stellarstarfly, how much money do you want? Ruff! Ruff!

  10. Subliminal messaging is a complex system to ask, with basic principles.
    It depends highly upon how the reciever is currently, based upon their awareness, state of emotions, mind, being, etc.
    If you’re thinking that this can work to alter someone else’s behavior to your desires, that isn’t what subliminal messaging does or is for.
    That is actually what the governments attempted to see if it could do, but found that the results were too minor to be of direct use.
    Subliminal messaging works best over the course of periods of a lifetime.
    They are ideas, rules/guidelines and/or maxims which embed themselves into a person’s mind, and they take them for granted, making them a kind of reflex, or they simply repeat it to themselves without pausing to deeply question it.
    The cure for subliminal messaging is deep insightful reflection. Once a person is extremely aware of both themselves and the subliminal message, they can “extricate” it from their personality and work towards resolving it.
    In essence, a subliminal message is a temporary contact button or thought or idea which never finished or turned back “off.”
    Some of the best known ones are commonly accepted ideas. If you were to lock a community off from the rest of the world and introduce, slowly by indirect hints, pieces, and culture, the idea that something is true (such as “STDs never existed” and everyone didn’t have hardcore fact or belief to trust in that said otherwise, it’d slowly over time become a “fact” in the back of everyone’s mind), it’ll stick, like a subliminal message.
    If you want the quicker, less effective way, then here’s what you do: You figure out and analyze the person’s personality and tendencies. Figure out what their most strongest, *passive* personality traits are, and a few of their desired stronger, and repressed ones are, then over the course of a month, a few weeks, years, etc. (It depends on the person), flash a word or if they like to read, up to three or four words just large enough so they can read them clearly but not big enough to where they have to read them one at a time, at about a 20th of a second, 50-100 times a day in the same location you want the message to “trigger” under as similar conditions as possible.
    Eventually, their head will register the “thought” and because the person won’t consciously be aware of it floating in their head, it’ll stick.
    Basically though, the strongest “subliminal” messages are the ones we get during trauma, ecstacy, and childhood. Whatever beliefs and experiences we form/have during high school and earlier are the ones that will shape our behavior, and a little bit of who we are in the future.
    The effectiveness of subliminal messagaging also depends on the personal strength of the person. The majority of the world population has some degree of self-removal-they hide from themselves-and some of it at such an intensity, habit and/or degree, that they lose a section of conscious awareness. This leave that section autonomous and programmable.
    Case in point: angsty hornivores.

  11. sounds interesting. but someone further up the list was right. messages WITHIN a message are/is the key. (i dont know which one!)


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