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How do you cope in times of crisis?

During these real life experiences is a gift that can take many forms. I can remember when my 12 year old son Paul-John died in a tragic accident. the way in which people supported us as a family. Although the time was extremely painful for us, I can remember saying to some close friends, that there was something very beautiful about that time also, because God’s love was manifested in so many ways. I was in awe of how He provided our every need, not just in a physical way but in a spiritual way also. Opening the doors to healing, to relationship, to faith, a gift, is an offering given with no compensation, These are not gifts that can be bought in a shop as celebrated in our culture, neither are they dependant on our resources, these are gifts of time, compassion, and sensitivity.It is so often said, that people who have the least
amount of time and money, often give the most to others.
We are most aware of the suffering of another when we have personally
been down the same road and experience the same pain. Experience is the spectacles God gives us to help us see clearly. The experience of
suffering refines us into gold. For instance, no one can know the
pain of losing a child unless you have suffered the same loss, or a
widow, who truly know the despair or other newly widowed women. The
critical piece in helping others is the ability to see and feel their pain, to truly understand what the person in crisis is feeling and thinking. We have a wonderful God, who personally consoles and revives us in our deepest despair, and He chooses to use individual
links in His chain of comfort.
I remember vividly, how after the death of my son Paul-John, when the family went back to school and work, and I was left on my own in these early days of raw fresh grief. Although I had plenty of friends and family who were so good to me, there were still periods of time
when I would be alone throughout the day. I would often pick up the telephone to speak to someone and pour out my grief to them. One particular day, I reached to the phone, and heard God’s voice clearly….He said….no.. .come, tell me instead. I am so glad I heard God’s voice and obeyed Him, because that was the beginning of a very close, precious and beautiful relationship which I had never experienced in such intensity in my walk with God before this time. Each time I spent with Him, He never failed to comfort me I was never
disappointed. In fact, I would be excited to see the family off to work and school so that I could get into His presence, to see what He would show me, and to experience His peace
I could not utter a word in prayer because of the intensity of my
grief. I would just fall on my face and sigh, ‘Oh God’, help me’, but
there was never a time when I would come away without being
Jesus would flood my soul with all He had for me that day. What more
could I ask for…What a wonderful Saviour and Lord.
He truly is My Rock, My Fortress and My Deliverer… ..In whom I


  1. I turn to God in all situations. Iam sorry for you loss. My son would have been 14 this year, he died before I could meet him. But I know one day I will

  2. Prayerfully pouring out my heart to God, being human by feeling sad, and talking with supportive friends. Blessings and my best to you and yours.

  3. I’ve been through so many real life crisis, that I’ve learned the best, and most practical way to approach them is first, don’t complain about them, just go through them with your head held high. Know God was in control before it happened, and He’s still in control during the trail.
    Whatever the trail is, the pain will pass and if you allow God to lead your way, you will come out of it a better person.

  4. If not for faith in God I would have fallen a long time ago under the weight of my worries.
    I lost two children..my 2nd was born with spina bifeta, and had an 80% chance of never walking again,…but he walks and runs just fine…they said he would be “slow” he is an honor roll student heading for college in a year to be a doctor. (pediatrician). I held my dead baby in my hand and never cried..to me he was beautiful…and I felt peace…because I knew he was in a better place and embraced in the arms of the Lord…who else could rock him better than me? when my grandmother died…my dad dying, my kids saying they dont believe in God…a beautiful baby girl that was promised yrs before in a dream…God has so richly blessed me, and I am amazed that my faith in him has brought a smile upon my head…….God has always provided and has never let me down..I may not have always like the way things went…but, I ALWAYS had someone either carrying me or walking by my side!

  5. I don’t know if you are looking for a serious answer or not. Atheists find doors open to healing and time and compassion just exactly the same as a christian, a jew or a buddhist does. All people experiance pain suffering and crisis in their lives. Love and giving of ourselves is what heals all of us, not just people who beleive in gods.
    An atheist discovers healing through love of family and friends and giving during times of pain and suffering just exactly the same as you did as a christian. This is a human trate, not a christian trate.
    I am sorry for your pain, but also happy for your learning and experiance of love during that loss. I wish all people learned so well during loss.

  6. There is beauty in pain when we know the Lord, and the incomparable knowledge that all things work together for good.
    Thanks for sharing such a personal story… just know that it has meaning beyond the words more than you know.

  7. That is truly awesome! I am so glad to hear you share that wonderful testimony!!
    Yes God does come through- Indeed! There was a time I thought our two year old was gone for good- I came home from the store and the front door was cracked open- I immediately felt this rush of fear come over me, and I ran inside looking for him, and yelled at my husband asking where he was- my husband then jumped off the computer (he was playing a game on here) and RAN OUTSIDE< I mean RAN without saying a word. I remember the friend who was with me ran right after him calling out my sons name. (It was after dark) I just started calling out to Jesus out loud, in my home....It didnt' take long our neighbors found him down the street, walking alone. OHHHHHHHHH my heart!!!! I will never forget that day- and now I make sure the door shuts tightly behind me- because even when locked, sometimes when you shut it, it bounces back quietly without latching. God had his angels charge over my son that night- and I truly thank him!!! But what a scare! edit: I just started singing this song in my head after writing this-- "Jehovah Jirah, my provider his grace is sufficient for me! My God shall supply all my needs, according to his riches in glory! He will send his angels charge over me! Jehovah Jirah cares for me, for me, for me! Jehovah Jirah cares for me!"

  8. You are so right!!! And you have said it so eloquently and in such a heartfelt manner that I could not possibly add anything to what you have already said!
    He, and He alone, is our ever-present Help! He is our only Rock and Fortress in times of trouble!
    May our God and Savior, the Great Comforter, continue to comfort you and sustain you until you hold your son in your arms once again on the other side!

  9. Yes, precious one, how do any of us learn the Fullness of the Grace of God without crisis, I believe even in what one sees in the firstborn. I have Faith you will see the lad again!
    For I have heard the story of Moses and the prophets of old and have been persuaded, for One has risen from the dead.

  10. you’ve said it all. During my time of trial I discovered that He ministers to us even through the very people who comfort us. He pitches His tent of love and care over us and every voice speaking, every arm embracing, every had touching is Him.
    The most awesome thing about experiencing pain and trauma in God is that though the pain is severe, there is His incredible peace that fills you. I then realized that He makes His peace our governor, His rigtheousness our ruler and His joy our strength.
    Your experience is such an incredible testimony to His love and care. Who can ever be compared or likened unto Him? HE is GOD!!


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