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How do you contact your spirit guide?

Okay, so apparently people have spirit guides. How do we contact them, and how do we know if it really is them when we contact them? What is a good way to contact them?

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  1. Ask an American Indian. According to stories I hear, it involves a quest of self-discovery and your guide is supposed to come to you in a dream or vision at an appropriate time. I don’t know much else.

  2. Here’s what I did to find my spirit guide/animal totem. I went out to a remote campground and gathered enough wood for a fire to last through the night. After stripping off my clothes, I coated myself in river mud and did an interpretive dance around the fire. I sustained myself, as I danced into delirium throughout the night, on only a stash of Cheez-It crackers and some ancient Twinkies I found under the seat of my car . At one point around 3 am I remember falling over face down and hitting my head on something. Just then my animal totem/spirit guide Quentin decided to show himself to me and his image popped into my head. He said, “Hi, I’m Quentin your animal totem, I’m an amoeba”. He just looked like a blob to me. I replied, “Wait, amoebas aren’t really animals are they?” Then he said, “Sure, I’m a single-cell protozoan and we’re considered part of the animal kingdom.” “But you’re only one cell! How is that an animal?”, I insisted. Quentin replied, “Hey, you should have paid more attention in biology class. Amoebas are definitely animals and I’m your animal totem.” So I said, “No way!”. And then he said, “Way.” And that was the start of our relationship.

  3. I can only share with you what I’ve read regarding them,they say that our guardian angels are with us when we are born until we die,and our spirit guides come and go as they please,they usually come to us when we are facing some sort of crisis.They operate on a higher on a higher vibrational frequency than mortals do and it’s not like all of us see them or hear them or sense their presence.Unless you are fairly intuitive,you won’t be aware of them.All we can really do is to say that we wish to make contact with our spirit guides,sometimes they will come to us in dreams and make their presence known to us.They say that as we age and grow,we attract different guides,it’s just a good feeling to know that they are here to keep us safe and from harm.You just have to keep trying and learn to meditate and focus and be able to clear any thoughts that pop in to your head,this can take weeks to accomplish,they say if you light a candle and some incense and sit comfortably and focus on the flame that this helps with concentrating and clearing your head,all you can really do is to keep on trying,sometimes they will make themselves known after the first time you do this and then other times it can take a while to actually happen,hope this is of some help to you.
    Tomb Raider.

  4. How it’s apparent people have spirit guides escapes me. Most folks just add spirit guides to the list of things they pretend to have contact with.

  5. I am Native American (Cherokee). My spirit guide is a white wolf. He has appeared to me in many dreams and in waking moments when I most need the strength he provides. He is wise,strong and very protective. His name is Abraham.I talk to him whenever I feel him near. He answers without speaking.I can feel his energy.It’s hard to explain,but it happens.
    Criticize all you want,it’s the truth.

  6. A good way is too meditate and pray for your spirit guide to arrive. My spirit guide is named Aiden. Ask God to send you a sign when you have found your spirit guide to make sure that the person is your spirit guide. Aiden protects me, guides me, and watches over me when times become tough. Don’t use an ouija board, tarot cards, or anything demonic of that sort. Just meditate and your answer will come to you, but you first must be in-tune with your psychic abilities.

  7. I never gave spirit guides much thought most of my life until my guide made herself known to me. She came due to a prayer I had because I was giving up, I would pray that the Lord just takes me and my son. That night after that prayer I went to bed, I had a visitor, I woke up to the smell of many flowers different fragrances near where I was sleeping. I check everywhere and it was just where I was sleeping, so I knew someone from heaven came to visit. This woman spirit came to me at times every night, for four years. At first I was scare because I thought she was a ghost, but once I made communication the feeling changed from fear to loving comfort. I would see her many of the times, she even follow me one night to my work at night, I felt a presence times before in my vehicles. She came to encourage me, to comfort me, and help me with my son, because he is so difficult, and I was a single father working all day trying to do everything. She my spirit guide Erica stayed with me for those four years until she knew I was on my feet, she would come to comfort me, rub my back with compassion, she felt everything I was going through, she would hug me during the nights, until the hurt within my spirit was gone completely. She was always gentle, compassionate, and soft spoken, you can feel the love with in her voice…I actually miss her coming to me. I did feel the vibrations from a spirit last night near me, feels like a heart beat going through you, I am not sure if that is her, I think I have more than one, because at that time I did see other spirits and my son did too. They usually are completely white with a glow. Erica My guide did say twice, “No matter how many battles I have, she will always be there with me” Long story I made short. I was able to call her in back then, or at times when I pray she would come.
    The best time to reach your guide is just before bed or when your in bed, speak in your head or out loud, or ask through prayer, because prayer is a tuning into the spiritual world because God is spirit. And this way you can ask for protection. Your guide or guides are usually someone you once knew from a past life time, they do act like angels, my guide even gave me memories of us when we lived our first life together…another long story, she gave me other memories as well of me in yet another life time. I even astral traveled and projected and met and hugged her, she even helped me to get rid of one bad spirit that came, you see evil spirits don’t like when the good ones come, so they come to confuse you…yet another long story…..I hope this is helpful:)
    I hope this is enough to get you started, and that you understand your guide from my experiences.

  8. I don’t advise opening the door to the spirit world unless you’re prepared for the whole enchilada, because once you open that door, it never completely closes.
    that being said… take precautions. When you put out the call, if you don’t, you’ll have dark spirits coming through to try and trick you. Surround yourself in white light, see it infusing your body, your aura, become one with the light. Then state out loud that only your true spirit guide–who exists in love and light and has only your best interests at heart–may come forward. Set the ground rules or you’ll get tricksters. You may get tricksters anyway. it happened to me.
    Then state out loud or in your head (I’d advise stating it in your mind only) that you wish for your spirit guide to make themselves known to you. Then wait. Do this daily. It took me a few months before my guides finally became apparent to me. It actually only took me two weeks before I made contact, but what came through first wasn’t my true spirit guides, they were tricksters. Evil spirits I had to get rid of first before I could see my true guides.
    how do you know it’s them? Trust me, you’ll know. Word to the wise… if it feels wrong, it IS wrong. Trust your gut. If it feels wrong, if you don’t trust it, tell it to leave immediately. Because a true guide… you’ll know it. I felt an instant heart (love) connection with my guides when they first made themselves known to me. I’d known them in a previous life and I knew it, beyond a shadow of a doubt. When they come to me, I feel peace and love and comfort. Never fear or anxiety or doubt. If you fear, if you doubt, if you aren’t sure…then it isn’t your true guide.
    but be open to the contact. don’t expect certain thigns to happen, because the contact is subtle, and if you don’t pay attention, you’ll likely miss it. It’s a soft touch in a specific place. A feeling. And it always feels good. never bad or scary.

  9. There isn’t such thing.
    I have had quite a bit more than alot of experience with everything that “normal” people find slightly “abnormal”.
    But if you did want to, I would assume that you would need
    1 dab of salvia divinorum
    1 teaspoon of peyote cactus
    1 cup of ahyuhasca
    1 little drum
    1 little stick
    Then you would ask the drugs to give you the ability to see the spirit guide and then take them and hit the drum constantly and with a steady BPM while chanting something that you do or don not know the meaning of while wishing that your guide appears.
    You will go into a trance and see your spirit guide if done correctly.

  10. I can only relate to you how my guides contacted me, and that is what they do, they contact you, not the other way around. They come at various times of your life when you need them most, for guidance. Meditation, Reiki, and visualization techniques work, since your mind is clear, and not busy with thoughts of life around you. In sleep, they come in dreams, again the mind is clear, and they may speak to you directly in the dream, or a message is sent through the dream itself and you are expected to intrepret it.
    Sometimes, a guide will make a physical appearance, and it may or may not be seen by only you. However, you will “know” who it is, while anyone around who has also seen it may just think it is a bird or animal that has wandered too closely.
    This link: http://ladywinterwolf.fcpages.com/metaphysics.html
    will give you more indepth information.


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