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How do you combat self-consciousness at the gym?


  1. What are you self conscious about? the way you look? if so just think that a while ago everyone in the room was out of shape and theyve just been at it for at bit longer and in no time at all you’ll be one of them. and the people that you are self conscious about are most likely serious gym goers who wont notice you nor anyone else in the room because thees a mentality that youll pick up that you come in, do what you have to do, feel the burn then leave! You get used to it in time but dont worry. Whats the point of going to all the trouble of going to the gym only to be paranoid. No-one is watching you. Just relax youll enjoy yourself much more and youll enjoy working out more which can only be good! 😀

  2. By being a self assured girl. I think we all are for the most part., I know I was because I was a late bloomer. It was even worse when you got your period. Some people , like me, just a private people and that’s not a bad thing. Be yourself. If you really want to combat it, work on getting the highest self esteem as possible and be proud of who you are and your body. What the other ones do, is either feel like they must show off their body and their self esteem isn’t as high as you may think. I believe that all of us, unless you are an exhibitionist, do NOT like to parade around naked in gym.

  3. You combat it by focusing on the fact that you’re working on fixing whatever you happen to think is ‘broken’, and focus on what you’re going to look like in about a month…(damn good!)
    Also, don’t naturally assume that everyone else at the gym looked that good when they started out. Everyone in there is focused on THEMSELVES…trust me. The real gym rats are only going to focus on the people they feel ‘threatened’ by anyway….just make it your goal to be one of those people eventually (the threats…not the self absorbed gym rats, that is)…heh…heh.

  4. I just keep reminding myself that I’m working hard to be a better person and a better-looking person and that it will take time. Sometimes, though I use that self-consciousness as moitvation for a longer workout.


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