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How do you cleanse your spirit and home from negative energy?

I have had the worst luck lately and i cant seem to shake it. I have heard that there are prayers and such that could help me get rid of it. Does anyone have any ideas? I am at my wits end and I want this year to be over.


  1. I think 2007 is a bad year for a lot of people. I don’t know if you live in an apartment but maybe consider moving in to a new one…a change of atmosphere might be good…or sell your house if you have one and buy a new one. Or get a puppy…it will take your mind off everything else. thats what i did. I got a puppy a few months ago and i haven’t really had time for anything else, just focusing on training him and loving him…its very therepeutic…however its spelt. anyways hang in there and hope 2008 will be better.
    And praying wouldn’t hurt 🙂

  2. oh u got to do more good deeds then this will get rid of yur unlucky and if u want to cleanse yur spirit u got to eat vegitarain and meditation that will help u.i cannot tell u what to pray since i dunno yur religion u shl tell me so i can help u with that

  3. One way is to submit yourself completely to God and imagine that you are in the hands of the Lord and his loving,and caring presence. Prayer helps for those who strongly believe in it; you put your name in the prayer line at church or the revivals.
    Another way is to get into the habit of seeing the positive side of things and forget that there is a negative. Look at the milk in the glass, not the empty part of the glass. Thinking negative doesn’t bring anything except worry. Good Luck.


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