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How do you cleanse a tarot deck?


  1. 1 Sit quietly for a while and relax. Spend some time with the deck shuffling the cards. (This is especially important if you have just gotten the deck.) If you feel the need, ask Spirit, or whichever Divinity you feel comfortable working with, to guide you as you cleanse the deck.
    2 Focus your intent and purpose. As you light the incense, say a prayer of blessing and consecration. Lay the piece of cloth off to the side from where you are working, but still within an arm’s reach.
    3 Pass the deck (as a whole) through the smoke while saying a few words of blessing and purification. You may ask Spirit to aid with the cleansing of the deck. After you have passed the deck through, hold the deck in your power hand.
    4 Take each card individually with your other hand and pass it through the smoke of the incense. As you do this, chant simple words of intent and purpose. Keep the chant short and sweet. Words of blessing and cleansing work great.
    5 As you pass each card through the smoke, place it to the side on the piece of cloth.
    6 Once you have finished passing each card through the smoke, gather up the deck (as a whole) and pass it through the smoke three more times. With each passing say words of cleansing and blessing.

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