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How do you cleanse a house of negative energy?

That does involve angels or religion.
My friend & I recently drew a pentagram, lit candles & set them on the point of the star & drew astrology symbols around it.
& then we skipped around it till the candles burned down.
& now the whole house feels off.
dont tell us we are stupid, because its true. but whatever.


  1. What happened is that you interrupted the usual flow of energy in the house and you’re feeling the effects. To get it back in place, sage is really good for that and not thinking to much about what happend will help too. Good luck.

  2. You cant use Satan to cleanse a house unless he wants to trick you. You are in serious trouble by the way. Pm me
    Demons are fallen angels, angels who rebelled against God. Demons are evil, deceptive, and destructive. According to 2 Corinthians 11:14-15, demons masquerade as “angels of light” and as “servants of righteousness.” Appearing as a “ghost” and impersonating a deceased human being definitely is a disguise that demons use as well as other things.
    Satan is the father of all lies. He gives false information on many things even how to banish. Trust nothing but Christ
    God helps anyone even if they dont know him.
    1. Play Christian music.
    2. Say get out in Jesus name in each room.
    3. Throw away Ouija boards.
    4. Dont consult mediums or talk to spirits it will make it worse.
    5.. They are weak and God helps ne one who asks no matter who you are.
    If you have tried witchcraft/ghost communication you can reject it in Jesus name and ask forgiveness easily

  3. The usual way to end a ritual is to do the whole thing, but in reverse.
    On your chart, light some candles and skip round in the opposite direction. As you do so, thank the spirits for their presence and bid them farewell. Be clear in your instructions to them. State clearly that the ritual has now ended. Ring a bell or ring something with a nice tone to it (sound is very effective in changing reality). Extinguish the candles. Burn the chart. Eat some food.

  4. dont listen to that jesus guy. seriously messed up. what you did was a bad copy of a pagan ritual. I suggest you talk to a pagan to help fix it. If you need help send me an email, I dont give instructions like this on here

  5. I fail to understand why this would make your house feel “off”. Was there an intention behind your working? What were you trying to do? You want a cleansing that “does involve angels or religion” because you did something, are uneasy about it and now are running back to your current path. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this because if I were to try a different path, and I often have, I find myself comming back to the current one as it has worked great for me. I just don’t think you should think of magick or witchcraft as something bad to run away from.
    You’re intentions behind the working you did should be the reason why you feel strangly, but you must also know that magick works on two levels. Spells are not meaningless gestures and incantations, they are words and actions that come from the heart which has a psychological effect on us.
    Take for instance a funeral, that is a magickal rite of passage that every religion celebrates. Psycologically, this helps you bring closure by giving you the opportunity to say your good byes.
    Then You have a Marriage where you “tie the knot”. ever wonder where that saying comes from? In christianity you are both held within a large rosary, a rope. In pagan ceremonies your hands or bodies are tied together, a binding cord that symbolizes your union. It’s a ceremony where you pledge to one another and that has a psychological effect where you walk around feeling like you both are now one together.
    Last week someone posted a curse breaking spell where the black candle is extinguished. psycologicallly the black candle represents the bad and it being over powered has an effect that empowers you to move forward in life and feel safe once more. Mean while the magick is still working to remove the curse.
    Many psycologists today are using mini ritual, for many of them they have no actual magickal purpose (although it still comes into play) and it is all for the psycological release of whatever is being addressed.
    Now, I’m assuming now that you may have just been having some fun and I see nothing wrong with the description that you gave me of the incident. What I feel right now is that you were having some fun and it affected you on a mental level and now you can’t brush it off. Pentagrams are protective, candles bring vibrations into the house that are needed such as white can cleanse the area, blue brings calming and harmonizing energy, reds bring lust or physical energy or healing etc.. the list goes on.
    now you dancing around it raises energy which is used towards goals. Now i’ve played the whole scene in my head and I am certain that it is mainly psycological and part of is that you’re in need of some grounding excercise.
    When you raise energy in such a way and you fill a room then do nothing with it, its like taking an energy drink and then sitting around all day. It’s going to get you feeling strange. So what you need to do is a grounding excercise, burn some sage while you do it. The sage will calm you, it will cleanse your space and help you meditate. This will also help you be at ease with what’s happened. Then after you ground your self you will eliminate this sense of “high” that adds to the paranoia. It’s actually one of the few things that people experience when they are first in a group ritual. Many times at my local gatherings people who are new get dizzy and I can tell when they open their eyes wide and look around to see what’s going on around them. They are warned before hand but we remind them of that during ritual so they won’t freak out too much lol.
    It happens also when you’re over excited, doing sports or anything like that. It can happen everywhere not just in ritual, even when you’re mad.
    After you do this you will feel much better. Of that i’m certain.
    Follow the link to the video below when you have the sage ready to burn. This can be sage from your kitchen 😀
    Greatest Luck
    Shadow Storm

  6. Don’t listen to the Ken guy he mess up in the Head. He think Everything Is satanist trust me I know. He once tried to say a Voice I heard during a out of body experience was a Demon.trying to take my soul. Well anyway Try to see if you did the spell Right. and if you did then Try to see what when wrong. Okay then try to check the Candles you used.


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