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How do you choose your significator for a Tarot reading? Do you tie it to your Sun sign?

ie. how do you personally choose your significator ? Do you tie it to your Sun sign? Your appearance? Do you let the deck pick for you?
I personally use the Queen of Cups as a sig. if I’m asking a relationship question (Pisces ascendant and Mars) and Q of Cups if I’m asking a career question.


  1. I let the cards choose the significator in a reading. But certain cards do represent me and show up often.
    My cards are 9 of Pentacles, Hermit, High Priestess, and Queen of Swords(somewhat). You know my chart. 😉

  2. Personally I don’t choose a significator. I let the querent choose the first card as the significator. This has proven to me to be more accurate from a soul perspective of what the querent really needs to be focused on or is really concerned about.

  3. I don’t use one, if I did I would probably use the Queen of Swords as it represents my personality and my sun sign.
    There are some quizzes you can do to find “your” card (personality wise):
    What Tarot card are you?
    Which court card are you?
    The answers can change depending on how you are feeling!
    The following systems use numerology and/or astrology:
    Raven’s Tarotscope (uses numerology and astrology with Golden Dawn system):
    The Persona Cards section in Tarot for Your Self by Mary K Greer (p39) relates the 12 zodiac signs to the 12 court cards, e.g Cancer is Queen of Cups.


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