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How do you change the negative energy in a house?

We just moved into a house where the people living there were living a sort of bad lifestyle and there are a lot of bad memories there (we used to live there before the most recent person). How can I change the uncomfortable negative energy I’m feeling there, so I can feel at home?


  1. Put some positive people in there and have a party. Or maybe you should get an exorcist – they’re found at your local Catholic Church.

  2. Working with the tangible… repaint, new carpet, thoroughly disinfect.
    Working with the metaphysical… try a smudge stick (I believe it’s sage), or you can have a priest bless the house… or a psychic guide the ‘negative spirits’ into the light.

  3. Sorry you are uncomfortable in your home.
    First thing is to stop calling it a house & say my home.
    Then I suggest you remove any items left by the last residents there.
    even if you like the object {even if its curtains you did not pick out} you can cover the windows with sheets until you get a curtain, or just use blinds until you can do better. You may need to get your preacher to come over and Bless your home,It never hurts to give the man/woman a meal and in the same process you have a clamer home.

  4. Houses don’t have energies or memories– people do. Change your attitude and everything will be just fine.

  5. Pray over it, believe it is clean then make better “memories” for the next owner. That is what I do when I move into a new place or stay in a hotel room or buy a second hand item. You have no control over previous tenants/owners, or what may have gone on there, this works for me.

  6. Smudge with Sage and burn sweetgrass—–sage dispels negative energy and sweetgrass will attract positive energy.


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