How do you celebrate the feast of the three days of Thelema?

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Today is the last day and I did not know it, I want to do something special, any recomendations?

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Fried fish and hard dough bread.


Yes, Try to change your self, that is the greatest special you can do


However I Will.
(Can I get a rimshot for that zinger, please?)

Spacebunny at Ford of Bruinen

I asked a question about Thelema on the “I” day (April 8) here:;_ylt=Ampyg2uOmyCfszMwMAiyyaTty6IX?qid=20070408185157AAoAfSG
Now it is the “O” day (april 10)
One can play it like a thesis, antithesis, synthesis dialectic thing, or follow the IAO sequence (birth, death, resurrection) and keep a watch for happenings that fit the particular day. Needless to say, not many people on here observe this feast. Think back to two days ago and determine if you remember or saw or did anything that planted a seed or began a project, etc.. Yesterday, the “A” day , was the day of conflict and death–think of what may have happened in the chaotic or conflict realm. Today is the new day that allows rebirth and synthesis from the struggle–look for the warming temperatures and rain…things that point to coming out of a struggle on any level. Make notes. Or do searches for Thelema, Rabelais, The Book of the Law and Aleister Crowley online…cheers! And Happy “O” day!
P.S. I don’t have a drum or a drumstick, but I gave you a thumbs up for the zinger, Labgrrl!


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