Home Discussion Forum how do you cast a spell as a wiccan?

how do you cast a spell as a wiccan?

i hope no one finds this ofensive. im just wondering how the procedures go to cast a spell. and how do you make of get a book of shadows?


  1. We stand around trees and just recite random **** we found from books, then claim we’re witches. Please don’t read to far into our religion to find the severe lack of individuality or complete lack of scientific proof regarding our claims.

  2. Well a Book of Shadows really isn’t something that exists. There are grimoires of witches yes, some are on e-bay, lol
    Casting a spell, call the four elements into a circle, that’s all I know really. Just a simple housewarming, I don’t care to play with anything larger.

  3. Check out ‘Witch Alone: Thirteen Moons to Master Natural Magic’ by Green, Marian or ‘If You Want to be a Witch’ by Edain McCoy. They will give you some of the answers you are looking for, and far more background than you will get on a forum like this. There are many many other books out there – some of them probably better than the two I mention, but they gave me a good background.
    The first poster is right – it would be irresponsible to hand you the keys to the car without making sure that you know how to drive it.

  4. A Book of Shadows is an odd name for a collection of everything a Witch finds useful. It may include spells, recipes, or any notes that might come in useful in the future. There are plenty published “ready for use”, some better than others. Seems to defeat the object to me.
    Spellwork is not for beginners. If you are serious about studying then I suggest you find a local (NOT online) Witch who can mentor you. It’s a lot of work.

  5. You can’t cast spells on anyone, that is a myth, it doesn’t matter how many thumbs down I may or may not get, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a myth. Only God is capable of ‘casting spells,’ so to speak.
    If spells were real mankind would probably not exist anymore due to all the hatred in the world. That is why the fate of each individual is up to God, not man/woman.
    To think otherwise is arrogance. No offense is meant toward you at all.

  6. Its not simply an issue of procedure. Contrary to Hollywood, magic doesn’t work like a recipe. If you want to cast spells, you have to study. You have to learn what magic and spellcraft is. You have to learn why people d the things they do when they work magic, and you have to practice and be patient.
    You don’t “get” a book of shadows. You make one. Some use fancy journals. Some use a computer. Some use spiral notebooks. Doesn’t matter. Wiccans use it for rituals, religious thoughts, and so forth. Some witches use the term for their magical notes.
    And if you want to be a Wiccan or a witch, you need to figure out which is actually which. Wicca is not about spells.


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