Home Discussion Forum How do you buy tickets for Olympics 2012?

How do you buy tickets for Olympics 2012?

Does anyone know how to buy tickets for different Olympic events during London 2012 Olympics? When do they come on sale? A year/two in advance? Do they come on sale over the internet?


  1. There will be notifications made on the news and in the press nearer the time…there will be lots of hospitality companies buying them up and ticket touts so dont wait too long to buy, especially for the more popular events, but unlikely to be on the market more than a year beforehand.

  2. They will be on sale in late 2011 but I would wait until just a few weeks before the games start before you put them on Ebay.

  3. I read on the Olympic website that tickets don’t go on sale till 2011. There is also some information on about getting hold of some tickets for the next games too.

  4. they will come out in 2011. on the internet. or you could queue on the day before to get the tickets, it is kind of guaranteed.


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