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How do you break in a deck of tarot?

I just got a new deck of tarot, and unlike my old cards, they’re new. My old cards are a family heirloom, and they’re very hospitable, but these new cards are a little feisty. Any tips on breaking them in?


  1. give them a little tlc
    i have heard of people putting them under their pillow or keeping them in a pocket so that you can put your energy on them
    i dont personally do this as i love new cards … but whatever works for you xx

  2. id say just keep using them. cause thats how you break anything in. it also depends on where you bought them and make sure their not crappy, some tarot decks are just fake…well most of them atleast.

  3. explain as to what you mean by feisty? As a general rule I always sleep with a new deck under my pillow for at least 48 hours to get our energy in sync…

  4. Ahh the new tarot deck…respect the deck. sleep with it under your pillow for a week. (A Gypsy told me this) then shuffle the deck many time (to losen it up)

  5. they need your energy.. i usually break mine in by sleeping with them under my pillow.. (sounds weird but it works) OH and don’t let anyone handle them at first and make sure you use them on satin cloths at first. (keeps ’em new longer)

  6. Hold on to them a lot. They are supposed to get use to you. In order to start working. You should tote them everywhere you go. Do lots of readings,till your comfortable.

  7. I hope they were a gift.
    The best way is to use them. Sort and shuffle to get the waxy coating worn down.
    Good luck. did you know my mother, Katie.

  8. i keep mine in a special place and wrapped in purple velvet. Dont let them boss you around and always wash you hands before you use them and after. I dont let noone touch mine. Good luck 🙂


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