Home Discussion Forum How do you block negative energy if its ALL around you?

How do you block negative energy if its ALL around you?

meaning people with negative comments and gestures,even it were to be true or false.
and 2nd how do you keep inner strength


  1. Meditate and cleanse yourself regularly.
    You may also consider charging a quartz to repell negative energy and wear it around your neck.

  2. That’s hard even when you are trying to focus on the positive. It does help to try and stay away from the toxic people in your life.

  3. What I do for both is pray often and ask for strength and patience.
    Beyond that, I don’t know your exact situation, but can some of it be blocked by wearing headphones and listening to music? You can try to ignore it if the headphones are impractical. You can even speak to the person and ask him/her to stop, but usually that will only make it worse. Ultimately, you will need to remove yourself physically from the situation and find more positive people to be around, because you cannot block it forever.
    As for inner strength, you keep it with inner confidence which develops over time due to your growing ability to handle yourself and solve your problems. Once you KNOW you are strong inwardly, that is not an easy thing to destroy.

  4. The only negative energy you can get is the negative energy you accept.
    How do you keep inner strength?
    As in all things, you need to practice being positive and un-accepting of negative energies. Sound good? but how!
    The first part is easy. Meditation (visualization) is the mental practicing of anything you wish to do. You need to practice being calm so you know what being calm is. The anything, the more you practice, the more easy it becomes.
    The second part requires you to release your self doubt and not value yourself by what other think or say to you. You need to learn to recognize when someone is being negative toward you. and then will yourself to not accept then negativity while practicing your meditative calmness.
    This take work and practice with more than I can say here. I hope I have pointed you a direction to look.
    Blessed be

  5. you stay away from people who are negative, have less to do with them as they are born pessimist…you want someone cheerful around you, stick with people that see the good in others and not the worst…..inner strength you build….focus on all of your achievements or things you can do better than anyone…repeat to yourself….I accept who I am as you have a way of seeing through people that have ulterior motives which I can sense about you, people feel threatened by you, and it is like puting up a shield for them, by puting others down they feel powerful…that is their insecurities not yours, bless them and move on to a friend who impowers you, who accepts you for who you are, everyone of us is unique in some way that others are not, no matter who you are you have other talents that no-one else have, focus on them. I drew a card for you. an american medicine card which indicates you do have intuitive powers, and you can sense a lot about people, even though you keep it to yourself. You know more about that person than they know about themselves as you see into their inner life this card tells you to use your powers of inner light and keen silent obsevations to intuit some life situation. and to see the total truth pay attention to your dreams and know you are special. owl is the symbol of wisdom…..hope I have given some insight.


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