Home Discussion Forum How do you become powerful to do magick?

How do you become powerful to do magick?

How can you manipulate energy in order to get what you want?


  1. Create a device to do it for you. Example: A microwave manipulates electromagnetic waves (energy) in order to cook food (what you want).

  2. Well, it really depends on how many mana potions you have. I prefer the “colossal” size ones becase that way you can carry around a lot more mana in your inventory.

  3. By meditating and getting smart enough to figure out how to get what you want?
    (*sigh* People who think the universe should be their toy are usually under the age of 15.)

  4. There is no magic(k).
    If you want something, you work hard to get it.
    There is also no guarantee: You may or may not succeed.
    That’s life.

  5. Science has shown us that we have the ability to do things that once would have been considered magic.
    As far as ‘majick’, it’s superstitious nonsense – just like religion.

  6. Haha, you can’t. There are some nifty video games that will allow you to live vicariously though… but that’s the best you’ll get.

  7. First, examine “power” and “magick”, and study both carefully along with a healthy dose of ethics, then find an ethical, sound-of-mind teacher and study.
    Once you’ve achieved all of the above, then you realize that you must exhaust all regular means of achieving a goal before resorting to magick.
    Magick isn’t a little joke to play and toy with. Be warned and careful with what you do. You might not like the result, and if you’re lucky, you’ll just have NO result.

  8. First of all my friend…be careful what you seek. To answer your first question, you start at the beginning and you study. The history, the traditions, the laws, etc…..the path that those before you have taken. First comes knowledge. Once you learn to lead the life and walk the path, then you begin to gain experience and understanding through life events.With living comes wisdom…..there are no shortcuts. But one statement runs true from spiderman: with great power comes great responsiblity…..Think about and get back to me for more info if you wish.Blessings to you)o( Trinity

  9. To get what you want?
    With that kind of ego-centric question…it would be dangerous to tell you anything.
    Take this bit of advice from someone who spent years in this…the basic philosophy of magick (your will on the universe) is errored and is better not meddled with.
    ~ Eric Putkonen

  10. by perfoming the proper ritual and spell. get rid of all your dark energy. release yourself from the world of illusion. use the proper stones candles etc.
    Don’t think you can just jump right in. if you have been given a gift you must learn to use it with great responsibility.
    do unto others as you would want others to do unto you.
    what ever you do will come back to you 3 fold. ( If you choose to do evil, evil will follow you and consume you till nothing is left but despare.) live a good life and you will be rewarded with kind gestures of love and peace.
    believe in karma.

  11. Meditation and self awareness.
    There really isn’t any way to be “instantly powerful at magick”, but you can be more self assured in yourself, more aware and understanding and more assured it will work because you KNOW it will work. In fact the one thing that seems to pull off from my experience is really little more than your own force of will and self assurance.
    As to how to pull it off, it really comes down to whatever works for you, whether you need the incense, athame’s, crystals, etc or not. Some people feel you need all those things along with the ritual salts, etc. I find I work far better without them, we’re all different.
    Just understand that Magick can’t get you everything you want, sometimes those ideals just don’t pay off. Everything you will do will have a consequence, just be aware of that. Threefold Law. Being head-strong and careless will really burn you in the end…
    One last thing – Know exactly what you want and be clear about it…life has a funny way of biting you when you’re not expecting it for carelessness.

  12. I hope your word just shows youth and not selfishness.
    I’ll give a life-time of experience advice: magic rarely works for your. You can use magic to help others and the earth, rarely does magic work to “get what you want” personally, especially to gain things except knowledge.
    I’ll star this because I gotta run now, perhaps my Wiccan and pagan contacts can expand on this.

  13. The power is within yourself. What you think about, and at the same time feel powerful positive emotion you will manifest in your life.
    Look up The law of Attraction. Visit abraham-hicks.com

  14. They way you’ve worded your question makes me think that you are very young.
    There is nothing wrong with having an interest in magic at a young age, many people do, but the advice I am giving you is based on that assumption.
    Magic is not simply manipulating energy to get what you want. It takes thought, practice, experience and skill. It’s not something to just play around with.
    If you are interested in magic because you think it sounds cool, or you are looking for a quick fix look elsewhere. It will not give you what you are wanting. If however, your wording was not what you meant then I can give you some advice.
    Start reading. Subjects I might recommend are meditation and creative visualization as these are fundamental skills in magic. Your local library probably has a variety of books on meditation and if you can locate a book called Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain it would be an excellent read. If your parents are on board with your exploration there are a variety of books on magic out there too. You can’t read too much.

  15. Open your heart dear …it is flowering of heart that matters …whatever you want , lord is showering every blessings on us …is is our capability of prayer and reception of those blessings …. In order to have everything you want just close your eyes and go deep within and make wish from the core of heart …be in that state for a while and while going to sleep …see and imagine and feel that you have got whatever you have wished for and thank god for his blessings on you and whole universe …
    This love will do magic for you …all we need to discover is unconditional love and magic begins here and now …!


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