How do you become a psychic or find if you have psychic powers?

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That’s a God given gift, so I would ask Him.
edit: roflmmfao @ hey ho!let’s go!

hey ho! lets go!

find a four leaf clover and a 3 headed monkey, put them in a stew and drink it, voila! you have the powers now


these ppl are cruel i read the coments
anyway you have to get connected with your 3rd eye power and ask to speak to your spirit guide. you willnotice little signs like preminisions and sorts , dreams adn you might even hear spsirts talk to you.
overall ask god to increase your power so you can use it for good


Good answer Tiff….
All people have this latent power but if you do not try to develop it, it will never awaken. The main thing is that, if you have any type of strong feelings or hunches, follow them through.
If they are good, then you are automatically building your confidence. if you don’t believe in them, you will never develop them. You have to believe in these hunches and that is what is referred to as 6th sense, or 3rd eye as Tiff pointed out.


To avoid the possibility of self-deception you must use strict testing. There is no other way.


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