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How do you awaken your aura spiritually and physically?

An invisible breath, emanation, or radiation.
A distinctive but intangible quality that seems to surround a person or thing; atmosphere: An aura of defeat pervaded the candidate’s headquarters.
How do you awaken it? Is it true that yoga can do that? Please tell me official ways to awaken my aura. Are there any simple and quick ways of getting a strong aura. I had also heard that an aura can be a bright light or breeze before a seizure or migraine. I only want to get a spiritual and physically strong aura that can be visible to others. If you are an official spiritual or meditation expert who awakens auras please help me and teach me quick and easy ways to do it. If not that’s okay. I know that you just want to help. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chakra: One of the seven centers of spiritual energy in the human body according to yoga philosophy. Is it true that chakras have something to do with awakening auras? Please give me quick and efficient ways to awaken my aura or chakra. I want a full internet or book guide on quick,efficient and easy ways to awaken an extremely strong spiritual and physical aura. Give me the official titles and authors of the books. Give me all of the official sources. Websites and visual demonstrations of the chakra or aura can be helpful also. Videos can also help alot. Only if you are a yoga or meditation expert, you can help me. Thank you very much!!!!!!!
May God The Creator BLESS YOU in all the good things you do.


  1. auras are merely seizure premonitions
    i guess rolling pictures or flashing lights can escalate the aura to an actual seizure

  2. Why are you so concerned with “awakening” your aura. It does not have to be “awakened”. It exists around all living things and you must spiritualize your eyes to see it. To see something that is not physical with the physical eyes is not possible. Individuals who truly see the aura for what it is see it clairvoiantly.It is etheric in nature and you must have that gift naturally or try to awaken your third eye ( which is the spiritual eye, the divine eye). What is a strong aura? You auric emitations depend on your moods and emotions. It exists on the etheric plane and your emotions, moods, and physical conditions effect it. A dull muddy mood will indicate the same aucric manifestations. If you are an angry tempermental person, your aura will reflect that and people will sense it, not necessarily “see” it. The best way to make it “strong” is to be a positive, uplifting, beautiful soul that reflects through the physical body. People will automatically be attracted to you through this, will come to you and trust you. It is not time to worry about the aura and what “powers” you can gain from it. Your heart is in the wrong direction if this is your motivation.
    Chakras are the energy centers that are in our bodies that corresponds to certain glands. Chakra are the life forces in our body that keeps us alive, drawing in spiritualized enery from our phusical world, the cosmos, and the different planes of life. There are seven main ones and a few others. These things that you are asking about are etheric manifestations. The aura is simply the energy field truly emanating from the energy centers in our bodies. The chakras can be opened our closed, positive or negative depending on the stage we are in our personality and current stage of evolution. They will be what they are and they are no quick fixes to them, for what they are are controlled by who you are. If you want to “change” them, you must change yourself. To have a fully functioning chakra system means to let the divine come into your life and express through you. It means to let go of the lower self and express only the higher and divine energy. It means to be able to harness the powers of the mind, body and soul, as well and nature and the cosmos. It is what Jesus had accomplishes, and what we all may eventually. Are you ready to step on this path? But again to change them you must change yourself. I do not feel to tell you more, because I feel your motivation is for personal power and gain, rather than what is the true reason spiritually advanced people try to understand them. The energy centers are very dangerous things to mess around with if you are inexperienced or misguided for you may awaken something that the physical body and mind may not be able to handle. Lets just say people who awaken things they are not ready for may end up in a mental institution. My advise to you is to not worry so much about making them stronger, unless you are willing to do it the natural way, which was mentioned above. Educate yourself about them, learn each of their purposes, and just be aware of who you are and what you want to become, and things will take its course. If you are a seeker and wish to know the mysteries of life that are not taught in schools, and you feel you are ready to take the next step in expanding your conciousness and learning the secrets of life and the divine, then you may contact me.

    • I have been practicing this for some time now and I think it is inspiring to be part of such a teaching. however I was advised to seek help for a more experienced individual if I wish to truly progress.. is there any advice you can give ? please get in touch as I would truly appreciate durrieremzi@msn.com I am very interested in learning. thanks

    • I read your post and am very interested in learning more. I’m truly at the beginning of this journey but am so curious of this world. Until recently I wouldn’t let myself believe I had this sort of extra sensory perception but recently I have felt it so strong and I dont want to mis-use something which I dont yet understand. I hope to hear from you soon.

    • I have always had a strong feeling and sense about people but truly never let myself believe it. The pressures of society, science, school, and even my upbringing (11 years on ADHD medication) really never let me fully understand that humans can and do have extra sensory perception. I have recently started trying out using my energy in different ways and it has ended badly so I would really like to learn more as to not mis-use this energy I have recently discovered. Please any amount of guidance on this subject will be helpful as it is still so new to me but I come to you with an open mind and willingness to learn.


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