Home Discussion Forum How do you avoid the religious/pagan festivals at school and at home?

How do you avoid the religious/pagan festivals at school and at home?

i have converted to Islam when i was already an adult but what about teenagers etc, how do you avoid the annual christmas festivals at the school or the other innovated festivals?
can you, or the teachers persecute you etc?
good for you CC, but some children are forced to participate in those festivals here in my country
vk: i never said that!!


  1. um i just dont participate. its not that hard for me….if the school is singing christmas carols or things like that- well truthfully- i just dont participate. easy as that. but i DO NOT DO IT IN AN IGNORANT WAY, i do it in a CIVILIZED way. and i do not make a big fuss about things either.
    peace sis.

  2. well handle it well. I am a revert and christmas was lame last year. My mum didn’t feel the need to go through too much effort so it wasn’t christmas as I knew it anyway.
    Kinda a lil off the point(but related). My teacher said on eid, why is everyone away..do they not see they have to study…funny that seeing as they give a 2 week break for christmas… and nt even a day for eid…ahh well.
    EDIT:To Steph below. I do not think this question was posed in an offensive manner..Muslims should not celebrete festivals like Christmas. It is not to mean offense or make anger. Just to ask how we avoid because it can be pushed on you. Not rude.
    And other lasy..Hajj is a Pilgrimage. Not a pagan festival and is done away from Western society and not flaunted in your faces either. Its something that you don’t need to realise is there.

  3. How do the good Muslims avoid questions like yours ?
    Not all Muslims disrespect other religions, why provoke conflict by asking such a question?

  4. I guess if you politely ask to not participate in the events and then asked why, you have an opportunity to do dawah.
    Probably in most cases, you should be excused anyway. They can’t force you to do something you don’t want to do.
    I thought church had been separated from state in these countries, so technically they shouldn’t even hold Christmas celebrations in school.


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