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how do you attain cosmic consciousness?

i understand that meditation is a means to expanded conscious states. does it eventually lead to cosmic consciousness? what is cosmic consciousness? how do you use meditation to accomplish this? are there any other things i should know?


  1. Hi there
    Read the Bhagavad Gita as it is
    It should explain properly the science of Christ Conciousness
    Like I have said before study Sufism or any religion that brings you closer to God…
    Meditate on the supreme being with mantras such as the Gayatri
    Om Bhur Bhuvah Svaha Tat Savitur Varenyam Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi Dhiyoyo na prachodayth
    Meditate constantly and as the Gita says do not become attached to the fruits of your actions but rather offer all of your actions to God…
    Edit:Cosmic Consciousness it attained when you are constantly thinking and absorbed in love of God

  2. Heavy meditation, hallucinogenic drugs, and good sex are all capable of quieting the part of our brains that serves to separate self from non-self. This results in feelings that we are melded with the universe, a.k.a. cosmic consciousness.

  3. Meditation doesn’t quite LEAD to cosmic consciousness so much as it gives you the tools necessary to build your own path there.
    As a destination, it’s somewhat like a very tall mountain, and requires a great deal of preparation to reach.

  4. It happened to me by smoking a lot of marijuana and reading/watching a lot of science books/documentaries. I had no idea what was going on, but I just kinda went with it.
    It was awesome, but it sent me on an emotional roller coaster ride, which I wasn’t really prepared for, since I wasn’t expecting the experience in the first place. I had frequent panic attacks for a while. Now I’m just starting to settle down into a state where I feel peaceful and unafraid all the time.
    So it was kinda scary, but worth it. I will definitely continue to practice it.

  5. Meditation takes a long time, but you can do it. Buddha had it right but you have to go back to the original works, not altered stuff since that time, or the new age stuff.
    Cosmic consciousness is its own thing, the idea is to have understanding of the universe, what is going on with it and how do we fit into the scheme of things. How does it all work together. Will we be cause over materialism if we become spiritually free, and how to do that, etc. Meditation was the only way for thousands of years.
    One guy in the 30’s did find the answers and put them together to make them workable for anyone without meditating for a hundred lifetimes. (It just takes too long to do it that way.) People are accomplishing enlightenment now, and very quickly but you won’t hear too much about it unless you go looking. It is all there for the asking.

  6. You can use whichever name you like.
    You should know where you stand, for it leads somewhere. You want to know where it leads to or you will be prey. It will be a feast.
    The devil is out to devour.
    Seek, Love and Worship God.


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