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How do you astral project?

Somebody else asked a question similar to mine and after reading people’s answers it got me curious. Somebody mentioned a way to see if you dreamt or actually astral projected is to place a card somewhere and when you astral project, look at the card and write it down when you’re back in your body. How exactly do you astral project? Can you harm your body physically or mentally when you leave it? Can other spirits take over your body? Thank you!


  • There are several ways to AP, but the most common is Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming, which is basically staying awake, while your body goes asleep. Another way is Dream Induced Lucid Dreaming, which is shifting from a dream into a lucid dream and then into an OOBE.

  • I won’t try it on purpose…It’s too much like dying to me. Idk how you can tell if you’re dead or alive.

  • Astral projection is very difficult to accomplish. But I’ll give you the techniques I use.

    Now, I suggest NOT lying down as you’re more prone to falling asleep, I also suggest trying in the afternoon rather then the evening. Never be fearful, it holds you back. You must completely relax yourself physically and mentally. Find a quiet place you can sit for hours, clear your mind of all thoughts.

    Now, you need to practice breathing. Breath through your nose and out your mouth, once you feel relaxed focus on each part of your body, starting from your toes up to your head. Once you have relaxed each part of your body you will not be able to move without thinking about it very strongly.

    What you should do now is make up a line – anything. This is because your mind will get bored and you’ll find yourself drifting off, if you feel this happening just continue to repeat your chosen line.

    After you’ve completed all this you should be in an altered state of consciousness. Your inner body is now self aware, but your actual body is asleep. Your body is going to feel heavy and you won’t be able to move without great effort.

    Okay, now begin to imagine a “body of light”. Any shape or form. Then imagine yourself shifting into it, becoming apart of it. Once you feel you have done this look around, visualise different parts of the room look like from different angles. After a while you’ll discover you’re not in your physical body, but doing it. You will get use to it with time.

    What most people don’t realise is this isn’t a ten minute process, it can days, weeks, and months before you actually astral projection, you have to be patient. Most people try it once for 5 minutes and when it doesn’t work they doubt it’s existence.

    I wouldn’t be too worried of something possessing you. For something to possess you you have to let it.

  • Who fed you this horse crap about another spirit taking over your body?
    Another spirit can only try, even when your out of body, you are still attach to your body, by a life cord. Anything funny happens with your body, your sent right back to it, do you think you would stand there while some dead thing lays in your body, you will kick his smelly a** out. I was out of body enough times to know what’s a dream and what’s out of body, and I seen other spirits, and when your out of body, you can grab and fight with them, I have done that. If there is some dead crap in my body, I will drag and beat the hell out of him, and he won’t try it again. Tukmyham don’t know what she’s talking about, she never been out of her body before, don’t even know why she is answering questions she knows nothing about.

    You astral project when your heart rate slows down, and the spirit floats up outward. The first few times may feel like a dream. For me it happens when I am sleeping. But some can control it by going into out of body by meditation. You have to find what way works best for you, some concentrate on a flame of a candle, but keep in mind, you have to be relaxed, and slow your breathing down to slow your heart rate wild concentrating on your meditation.


  • If anybody could really (under controlled conditions) float up and see a card we wouldn’t still be arguing about whether astral projection was real or not. It’s just a lucid dream, it’s no more harmful than any other sort of dream and of course no other spirits can take over your body.

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