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How do you astral project? Can someone explain to me? I'd like to try!?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could explain to me or teach me how to astral project. And feel free to share your experiences!


  1. I have felt as though I am floating with this technique. I do not know if this is actually astral projection (or even if it is possible), or just a trick of the mind, but this does work for getting into an altered state of consciousness that is associated with astral projection.
    1. Close your eyes, and calm yourself by breathing deeply.
    2. Hold a single image in your head- a tree, a candle flame, the moon, anything.
    3. Let your mind relax gradually. At a certain point, you wil start to see random images. Let the images flow until they run out, and steadily begin to focus on the darkness or emptiness. Keep holding that focus.
    4. You may experience tingling or something that feels akin to pin-pricks. After a time you may feel like you are floating and see images of the world around you.
    Here is a technique I read that is a little less involved.
    That the first one always works for me, as it allows the mind to go through stages and fall into a deep state of unconsciousness.

  2. You go on the Astral every night,even if your not aware of it. To do so as a matter of your choosing is a lot harder.My method is to think of some place I’d like to visit,and each night I would say-I’m going to such and such a place. You may get nothing at first,then you may start to remember bits of where you have gone.The other thing I would suggest is to type in your question on either Google or Yahoo and see what is suggested.

  3. This is possible… but it’s so hard to do you probably won’t be able to pull it off.
    This can only be done through severe meditation with months and months of practice. It’s not something you could just pick up in some yoga class. Though you need to be centered, it goes a lot deeper than that.
    Through meditation so deep, you would need to forget about life and everything in general. You would need to dwell so far into the locked chambers of your mind your spirit would no longer exist within your body. You would be in control of your spirit and leave all that is in the physical realm behind.
    I know you want to do it, I did too and one point, but the problem is the level of concentration required for such a task would interfere with daily life. You’d need to practice daily for hours and hours. I’m sorry, but I don’t think you can do it.
    There is another way, however; Accidentally doing this in your sleep… It’s possible but this is mainly attributed to chance.

  4. LOL How are you going to do all that without a fit of the giggles??/
    I recently went to a crystal dowsing class and it was a total con.
    Cost me £3 and 4 hours of my Saturday morning.
    If you do find out that I am wrong please let me know Dewey cos I’d like to try it too. ;-))

  5. learning to control it so u can go where and when u pls…takes yrs of practice…..most people use a spell….but some can do it just trought meditation…and the way to astral project is different depending on where u wish to go….i only travel to other planes…so if that what u wish then messgae me


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