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How do you astral fight a demon?

I recently learned how to astral project and I have encountered demons and other dark entities. I always run back to my physical body or cry out the name of God to help me. I’m nervous that if I encounter something stronger that I won’t be able to get away or just calling God’s name won’t be enough. I am also aware being afraid while astral projecting is like putting up a sign “Come get me I want to die” So if anyone knows how to astral fight or something that would be great!


  1. i would suggest NOT letting evil into your body. if you let it happen then why would you do it over and over and continue to ask for Gods help? he doesn’t want you seeking demons.

  2. Fighting astral entities requires A LOT of “training”.
    For example, do you know how the back of your head looks like? Or how your ear looks like?
    If you don’t know or don’t know it in detail, that is your weakness and learning this is one of the basic things.
    Also fighting entities on the astral plane CAN get your harmed in the physical. For example, negative entities often like to take form of what humans fear the most. When you attack them, they’ll form all sorts of fangs and teeth…….. if they scratch you or bit you….. you will get harmed in the physical. Sometimes death can even occur if the entity is strong enough.
    I can keep saying stories which may freight you but that won’t help.
    You can either learn how to fight in the astral which will take at least 6 months or you can learn to flee.
    *If you encounter a neg on the astral or any other plane… NEVER communicate with it. NEVER! Just flee, return to your body or “teleport” somewhere else far far away.
    *If you can’t get away but are not frozen… say this while you put your left hand on solar plexus and right hand pointed like a gun at the negative entity. “In the name of Jupiter, father of gods, I conjure you. Tav egoes coselum”
    *If you are frozen and can’t move, say this 3 times “Bellilin, Bellilin, Bellilin
    Amphora of salvation,
    I would like to be next to you,
    Materialism has no strenght next to me,
    Bellilin Bellilin Bellilin”

  3. I fight evil entities all the time it took me about 8 months to learn how to in astral form now im learning how to fight them physically its not easy I tell you that I started learning when I was 11 I don’t remember before 11.

  4. Some one has put a real bad voodoo spell on me where I have really bad demons attached to me the have token control of my car while driven and I have been attacked in the shower the one in my home is really strong nothing works against it i think he’s the one that attacked me in the shower nothing but seasalt baths for me from now can anybody help me i have had countless hands and prayers by very powerful spiritual people and no success help me please anyone with any info to help me please

  5. i was reading fighting in the astral to fight dark beings etc… you need to manifest a weapon that is the opposite of hatred aka love etc… in the astral its minds over matter you have to manifest your weapon or call upon a spirit guide etc… I think

  6. Just place both of your hand in front of you as if you are casting a spell and cast and see what happens!
    last time I did that in a lucid dream a beam of light come out from underneath one of the demons I was aiming at up to the sky and it’s radius expanded to about 3 to 4 meters, the demons within that area got killed with that single spell.
    Read in the first paragraph when I said “… and see what happens!” the beam of light I cast wasn’t generated from my imagination honestly I didn’t know what I was expecting it just happen…
    Using physical attacks especially with your fist is not the best option… especially against shadow people, the punches will just go through them without causing damage and you’ll go into panic mode thinking you can’t do anything to them.

  7. I personally go into the astral plane realm to fight demons. I have opened portals to hell to cast them back in. I don’t recommend this for the faint of heart. I wrote a fictional book about this called “The Projectors.” It may have a tip or two for you.


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