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How do you achieve "tao" in Taoism?

Do Taoists have one way of achiveing this? Or is it like each individual has thier own path, and the path is different for everyone?


  1. Individual path mostly, but avoid extremes like gluttony, starving, too much or too little sex, etc. Oh, and read the Tao of Phoo, explains Taoism through Whinnie the Phoo characters… seriously it good.

  2. The first poster gave an excellent explaination and The Tao of Pooh is also a good book.
    Simplicity, compassion and openness are the 3 virtues of Taoism.
    “Know the yang, but keep to the yin”
    Be open and develop more yin characteristics.
    Oh, and the Tao isn’t a goal or place. Tao is the natural order of the cosmos. Living naturally and “going with the flow” is how to be Tao.

  3. You will have achieved Tao when you act effortlessly. Your spontaneous actions are derived from your inner non-action. Your life aligns spontaneously with the flow and nature of life principle, not against the will of life principle. You are in great harmony of Yin and Yang forces in you. Calm, silence peaceful and quietude are attributes of Tao. Meditation and stillness is a natural path of attaining Tao.
    Meditation is about being silence/stillness and yet you are in action internally. Meditation is also an active action in silence.
    Everyone’s attainment of Tao is different and the paths to attainment are also different but the goal is the same however one chooses to live their lives.

  4. I’m 53 now and I was first introduced to Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching when I was 16 at a dojo I was attending. Since then I have read dozens of books regarding Taoism. In addition, being a westerner and American at that I’m not sure I know what I’m talking about. It’s not like there’s a Taoist temple up the road! Anyway, here goes.
    I think this mystery of mysteries has to be approached from a number of levels. It is a middle way I think, as well as a connectedness to the mother through all that exists. I might be a fool though. I always believed that regarding this subject it was said those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know. It’s a feeling created by some practice. There are a thousand paths to the way, You need only pick one. I think…or, I may just be a fool!

  5. Lord Jesus answered it for us.And that is to be reborn again.That is,he is giving us the chance to mend our way,at every moment of existence.To be mindful of our speech,actions and thought.
    To reverse the way we are going,which often goes against the way Jesus wanted us to follow.Follow me,and you will reach the Kingdom of Heaven.


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