Home Discussion Forum how do yo use yor chakra?

how do yo use yor chakra?

in other words what uses do i have for it if its real


  1. Chakra is mainly a religious belief I believe. I may be wrong, but that’s what I’ve read and heard. Anyway, all you can do with it in real life is use it for acupuncture and stuff like that. Maybe more. Or for nothing.

  2. chakra has nothing to do with all the naruto things i didnt really understand what its really use is but i can assure u that its different from all the naruto stuff….it has something to do with yoga and religion !

  3. Chakara isn’t just a religious belief. It is a matter of opinion. Meditation and acupuncture are definately related.
    It is basically your inner energy. If it were to be real (which it might be) one may use it by focusing all of their energy and thought onto one thing that they wish to do. In otherwords, meditation. However, what might help is a dark or dim room that is calm.


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