How do yin and yang figure into Lao-Tzu's teachings?

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Lao-Tzu’s teaching included the natural balance of things. yin and yang where fundamentals of taoism.he was revered as a god in the religious form of taoism. so yin and yang were directly embedded in his teachings.
yin and yang is the symbol of balance. both have a seed of its counterpart. explaining that when each part of yin and yang is at its most extreme, they revert and become each other.
yin and yang where basically the fundamentals of taoism and lao-tzu was a master of the art.


cycles of life, rhythm, the natural way of life itself, lao tzu talked of all of this and why acceptance is so important to inner peace. however, he said the tao we talk about is not the true tao.

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OK, I have to say this at least once today: read the book.
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Answer is not much.


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