How do women feel about the U.S. inauguration being preceded by an invocation featuring an almighty MALE God?

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Wouldn’t it be more in the spirit of things to disregard gender for the sake of humanity as a whole?
Inferior Castle: Say what, that I’m male? Whatchu talkin’ bout, Willits??
tylertxan: That’s what I’m talking about. If God exists, what makes It male? Religion would have us believe it’s male, but why would such a supreme entity box itself into such a classification as gender anyway?

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I am very glad and comforted at that thought.


He’s my Father, what more do I need to care about?
Do you know Him?


I’m annoyed that it involves a god at all.
I know it was Obama’s choice, and it’s his privately funded ceremony, but we’re *not* a Christian nation, and this is just feeding into the misconception that we are.

Interior Castle

You are my vote for least informed and worst thinker of this forum.
Wouldn’t the reasonable thing be to deny that that is the Truth about God rather than say, Yes, that is God but I don’t like Him.
And as I’ve noted before, very cowardly of you not to say what you are.


He is my heavenly Father… I am so blessed that He is.


a being that existed before time and space would have no corporeal body–without physicality–exactly what makes it male?


fine with me…


Aren’t they going against the constitution by putting a prayer in there? As you say, what if all people don’t agree with the all male entity.

karena p

diregard gender for the sake of humanity ? he can t change to suit humans ,he is male get over it


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