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How do Wiccan witches exorcise a possessed person?

I’m curious about exorcism in Wiccan witchcraft. Tell me a bit about the rituals.
Exorcism isn’t just a Catholic thing. Many cultures believe in demon or spirit possession.


  1. um, we don’t. we don’t believe in the devil, so we don’t believe in demons.
    no demons=no possession.
    I think you want : Catholic Priests
    **edit** Demons may be a part of several cultures, but Wicca is not one of them. Your question was ‘how do WICCAN Witches exocise…’
    Answer: we don’t. how do you exorcise something you don’t believe exsists??
    A Chrisitian Witch might be different…ask them.

  2. First the wiccans witches have to have the persons permission/ or family members permission to do the exorcism. But the rest I have no idea ill ask my friend he is a wiccan.

  3. Many cultures do have negative spiritual entities, but as far as I know there are not many Wiccan ones. Wiccans do not believe in a devil and not an ultimate baddy so why would there be minions? I guess a negative spirit invading a home, but not necessarily a demon.
    Anyway, while although they are not called exorcisms, cleansings generally have a few basic commons between them. For instance sage is used by many, salt, a mantra of some sort. Usually the owner of the house or the person who wants it done has to be present or perform it themselves. Mostly any sort of exorcism or cleansing has the same basic rules and tenets.
    However a cleansing is construed as a spell and each Wiccan or witch will obviously have their own views on how it is to be performed and what needs to be done. Spells are personal to the caster and each person has their own tastes, there really is no set exorcism ritual like in Catholicism.
    As well, on a side note witchcraft is not broken down religion wise. You can be a Wiccan and not a witch, a witch and not a Wiccan, or you can be both.

  4. Wiccans most likely wouldn’t do exorcisms. An exorcism is specifically a Christian ritual. We might try and do a ritual to rid someone or something of negative energy or spirits, but we wouldn’t call it an exorcism. The reason being is that most witches (though not all Wiccans) do possession work, so we have prepared ahead of time to invite a deity in and we are not inviting in a demon or a “bad” spirit. So we are in control of the possession and we call the shots. In other words, the spirit leaves when we want it to.
    For spirits that have inhabited a place or a person where it is not wanted is unusual. I have never been a part of a ritual to cast out a negative spirit, but I have some ideas how I would go about doing it.

  5. I’ve never seen or heard of a Wiccan exorcism. We generally aren’t big into the idea that other entities can just take over people’s bodies willy-nilly. The Traditional Drawing Down the Moon ritual is an invitation *for* possession (by a goddess), but it is short term and done only by the very experienced.
    If someone is acting bizarre/deranged, my first presumption is a mental disorder and encourage medical evaluation!

  6. Yea im just gonna tell ya right now we dont beleive in demons or deviles so there for we dont do excercisms and if you find a wiccan who sead they do? well then you know right then and there that they aint true wiccans and have no idea what the faith is realy about

  7. My wife has recently gotten into the wiccan thing at first all was good, but then I started noticing some changes. She is almost like two different people and not the same person she was, she quit drinking and cigarettes which is great but a couple more months go by and Boom we are arguing all the time, strange things happen in the house and did I mention that her eyes reflect light, like a cat? Her voice changes slightly and for some reason she’s started hissing and growling like it’s just part of normal interaction with people. Well sadly she is currently in protective care after suicide attempts, got so bad I couldn’t even go to the bathroom without someone to watch her, complection changed, she well, she is not the same person at all. Now with all that being said I claim no religion what so ever, but I do know that there is a spirit world that can intertwine with our world, I have seen too much to argue about it, don’t care to discuss it, at least not on here. Can any of you give me some pointers on how to get my wife back? The kids and I miss her. And Can do with out any rude or hateful comments, I’ve seen crazy, this is beyond being just a mental disorder or something, there is another in her, but I don’t know what or who or how or why, any help is appreciated, thank you


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