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How do we use chi energy?

I’m very interested in this ability and I want to know more about it. Can we use it like in dbz with energy blasts? or in some other way? And can we learn it ourselves or are there special teachers who can teach it? Just any information you can give me will be fine.
If your a skeptic about this or you think I’m crazy then don’t bother to answer this. I completely believe that chi is real and I don’t want to hear you preach to me that it isn’t.


  1. ok, dbz is a cartoon. if someone was out there in real life shooting balls of energy out of their hands, im sure we would have heard of it by now. it would have been on every news source you could have gotten your hands on.
    however, i also believe in energys like chi. its up to you how to use them though. i suggest going to a bookstore into the metaphysical section and seeing what you can dig up. theres loads of info on the subject, way more than i could ever fit on yahoo answers. plus they may be able to explain it in a way that makes more sense to you. chi is something that makes sense in my head but the second i try to explain it to anyone, it just gets messy

  2. Chi – according to the Chinese anyway – is the energy of life which flows through the body’s meridians (pathways of energy). And that’s what acupunture is based on.
    You can learn to feel Chi by laying your hands on someone. The people who use this for healing are cranio-sacral therapists – sometimes osteopaths. Pretty neat stuff – not real flashy though. You can learn to pull the sickness out of somebody – that’s worth money.

  3. Chi is the energy life force we all have. In the Chinese culture it is what Feng Sui, Tai Chi, Acupuncture, Acupressure and in Japanese culture, Reiki all deal with. Therapeutic Touch is an energy healing source based on Chinese practices that also uses the power of the Chi. You don’t have energy blasts, it’s not a weapon of any kind. It is a force you can learn to use for healing for yourself and others. There are books on it, and if you take Reiki courses or TT courses or even Tai Chi you will get taught by experts in manipulating and using this force.

  4. To gain an understanding of the use of chi find a reputable, traditional martial arts instructor. As mentioned above Tai Chi would be a very good choice, but other styles work as well. Not only will you get first-hand instruction in the use, and a realistic understanding, of chi but you will reap many other benefits as well – good health, focus, self-discipline, better self-awareness, confidence, becoming more centered, and the ability to effectively defend yourself.

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