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How do we teach God the lessons of compassion we learned from Buddha and humanists?

How do we teach God to love everybody? To have compassion for all beings? To not smite things simply because they do not worship him? How do we teach humility we have learned from Buddha?

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I like to take the New Testament version of God, which is more loving and compassionate,and also,conveniently,written after Buddhism was created. How fun.
But I agree. I love the teachings of Buddha,of humility,and the fact that all suffering comes from desire.
And I am a practicing Christian.


WTF!!! We dont/cant teach god. GOD teaches US!!!


How do we teach the people who think they represent God about love?


Nietzsche too said that Buddha was far more realistic than jesus Buddhism and Christianity Although he considered both Christianity and Buddhism to be nihilistic, decadent religions, Nietzsche did consider Buddhism more realistic because it posed objective problems and didn’t use the concept of God. In all religious history, Nietzsche believed, Buddhism was the only positivistic religion because it struggles against actual suffering, which is experienced as fact or illusion (the concept of Maya) in various traditions of Buddhism. Christianity, on the contrary, struggles against sin, while suffering can have a redemptive quality. Nietzsche claimed that Buddhism is “beyond good and… Read more »

cup of tea

God is compassion, He is love, maybe buddha can use to learn lessons from God.

Tacit Knowledge

You are one dumb idiot. You teaching God….may your ass not deservedly fry. What an idiot.


Reading him the New Testament might work.


buddha and god are one in the same. the divine carries many labels, that are given by society.

special fred

you are so full of shite…

maybe there is a value is NOT HAVING ANY COMPASSION for /\ssholes that’s not immediately apparent. Jesus blew off poor people. How about that?


You don’t teach God anything.

God monitors ever proton, electron, and neutron in every atom of every molecule of every DNA strand of every cell that makes your limited weak little body, and he does it all at the same time.

You can’t teach God what he taught you.


While you are teaching God, I will be laughing.

Maurice H

1.Those are the things He teaches us

2.It’s his paroagative to smite who he will and whatever reasons that he wills; we’re fortunate that the reasons He smites us is ultimately for our good.

Santa Exodia

How do you teach a being that already has infinite knowledge?


You can’t teach god anything dummy, he already knows all. keep your buddha to yourself


I think it’s funny you think you can teach God anything.

Actual Answer

I always liked to think that if Christianity were true, that was God’s attempt at learning what it was to be human, and that he learned his lesson in compassion while incarnate.


this makes absolutely no sense at all.


How ironic to ask this question while testifying the humility we learned from Buddha.


You’re funny and extraordinarily misinformed if you think God is not total and complete love. The absolute audacity that you will teach your Creator is well…galling and laughable all at once.


I very much doubt that he can learn those lessons. I suspect that a serial killer has a better chance of learning them.

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