How do we release our chakra or move it around?

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I really wanna know how to control chakra and move it around…
What are functions of chakra anyway?

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i really don’t know how to answer your question but..
i think this movie will help you controlling chakra..
and also many jutsu are available in that movie..


Your chakra is something that can be controlled by use of Reiki. To do this you must become attuned to Reiki and know how to use the power of symbols. Your best bet is to become attuned by a reiki master and learn the ways to channel your energy in a positive way.


u train in kundalini yoga, it takes years to practise; u learn stage by stage. There are no short cuts. This is not something to do just for a fancy experience but a whole change of lifestyle and a serious matter.


Hi there you can’t move a chakra a chakra is a position on the body that controls a certain emotion.
The only way you can “balance” your chakras is by going to a chakra specialist that can preform the procedure for you.
Or you buy a book on the topic that contains the crystals for each Chakra balance.
Hope that helped.


“Chakras” are imaginary. You can “release” them by realizing that fact and stopping all the nonsense.

all-knowing "1"

Holy crap, I weep for humanity…
WHOOPS!! Gotta go!
my karma just ran over my dogma…


There is no ‘wheel’ (chakra) to roll around like an auto mechanic changing one.
Leave such things severely alone.
These are for the seriously spiritual minded, who hanker after powers that are best left to themselves. They give a false sense of spiritual achievement. Can even be labelled delusions of divinity.


Depends on which one you want to develop …. I can help you achieve what you seek if you email me. Don’t worry about what people say to you, the only delusion in life is not being open minded to other options than the ones we have at present.
For all of the self acclaimed people who decide to bad mouth things that they are too ignorant to control, try to be a little more respectful towards others. Now you know why you are getting no where in life and repeating your last lives.


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