Home Discussion Forum How do we know what is fantasy and what is true telepathy?

How do we know what is fantasy and what is true telepathy?

For real for real — how do we know what in our mind is illusory, and what is real?
Is there a way to tell the difference, other than going through traumatic experiences resulting from acting upon things in our head?


  1. Telepathy can be determined through scientific testing. Controlled environment etc etc. There has yet to be reliable results.

  2. if your telepathy was real i dont think you would need to ask us for our answers-see my point—-just my opinion-smile and enjoy the night

  3. I think sometimes we get telepathy (knowing what another is thinking) when we have a very close connection to someone and in that moment have a soul to soul conversation that needs no words, and I think that’s something that just happens, but can’t be controlled in any science experiement. You just know when it happens, in your heart.

  4. Well, if your feeling it, then it is MT talking to you again. I call ESPN J/J
    What you may be experiencing is super powers. J/J
    Its time to go to bed huh ????
    May God bless all of you

  5. You know, when I’ve been in a place where I had telepathic communication … it didn’t matter. It was kind of an “of course,” and other things were so patently more beautiful still.
    In those times, it was evident that … to use an analogy … there was a light shining through us both, like the light in two projected characters on a movie screen … and it was that light, that connection, which was the wonder. Telepathy was kind of a by-product.
    And as for “going through traumatic experiences,” sometimes, exasperatingly enough, when I have based decisions and such on an extra-sensory sort of perception, AND those decisions led to some sort of difficulty or disappointment … that, usually, also “needed” to happen for me.
    In the end, there’s a kind of not-knowing, ever- open- heartedness that serves us.

  6. I dont know, unfortunately when the experiences that “shake” you occur you arent prepared with a scientific test for them.
    A few nights ago I had a dream that felt so real it shook me, I tentatively decided to tell a friend about it and amazingly it was a shared dream with us waking at the same time of night from it. That is not quite telepathy I suppose, but the experience left me with a unusual, but warm feeling.
    Still yet, I have no way to prove to myself or anyone else that this is more a strange coincidence, perhaps from shared experiences of the day unwinding the same way in our sleeping minds. Or if we connected in some metaphysical way.

  7. If the thought comes from Charles Darwin it is fantasy. If the thought comes from the God Yahweh it is true telepathy.

  8. When a human ‘transcends’ fantasy and that which is called telepathy, the “Truth” will be revealed concerning both!
    Anything other than that, is called speculation!
    When the Truth dawns in man, illusion runs in fear of reprisal.
    Illusion does not enjoy witnessing its own shadow!
    When illusion is on the run the “Eye of Wisdom”, the “Kursi”, flowers and is given birth to. Extreme clarity gushes forth, and man experiences his true birthright, inner peace.
    *footnote –
    “I am the eye in the sky”…….
    “Looking at you”…….
    “I can read your mind”…….
    – Alan Parsons Project…….
    Anbu (Much Love),

  9. Operative here is “true telepathy.”
    True telepathy is of the heart-to-heart transmissions; those who possess of it know its closest resemblance is likened to that of a cell phone call with beings of a most high and inconceivable merit, is the closest to how one might describe it — though this still pales in comparison — and nothing remotely resembling channeling or automatic writing or mediumship and the like…

  10. There is a true light, clear in colour that all other lights come from. The clear light is beyond conditioning, beyond time, beyond space, this is the one true light. Of course each light chooses what is true for it, or maybe I am mistaken. ~ : )

  11. I don’t bother to separate the two…
    If I look at you and see a two headed beast that wishes me harm… well… that’s your problem, now isn’t it?

  12. In a sense I can offer an easy answer to the substance of your question.
    It’s All a ‘fantasy’. Like all things, though, it is necessary to define what we mean by the word ‘fantasy’.
    Most dictionaries will tell you that it implies a lack of ‘reality’, I would say that it means a ‘flight of the imagination’.
    In that definition my perspective is that this entire ‘Physical Realm’ is one gigantic ‘Flight of the Imagination’, launched by ‘First Thought’, and continuing in it’s eternal expansion by each of us ‘Subsequent Thoughts’.
    That is what has always been meant by concepts like the Vedic one of ‘Maya’, the manifested physical ‘world’ as ‘Illusion’. In this sense All is Illusion. And ‘reality’ is what each one of us chooses to allow as ‘real’.
    My ‘Truth’, my ‘understanding’, my ‘reality’ is that we, collectively, are manifesting all that we perceive as a result of our focusing our imaginations in such a way as to cause all of our thoughts to solidify into ‘matter’. The greater part of this being the product of our collective ‘Thought Power’ working collectively. So … what does this imply ?
    That we are ‘connected’ telepathically all of the ‘time’, and that we are constantly refining and developing the entire Phusical Universe by the use of that telepathic connection.
    Your question aims to reduce this concept to the individual level, and that is understandable, how can we know when we are transmitting and receiving here in this realm in these monkey suits ?
    Unfortunately, as Morpheus said, no-one can show another that this is true, we can only find this truth for ourselves, we can show each other the ‘doors’ to perception, but only we can go through them.
    So … I can assure you all that this door exists, I can assure you that I have made those first tentative steps through that door, albeit that it is still an imperfect ‘science’ for me, yet I persist in believing it to be my ‘Truth’.
    And there is the key, what one truly believes in one’s heart does gradually manifest itself as the ‘Truth’.
    How does it become ‘Truth’ ? By one’s decision. One decides what is true. Each of of us.
    It’s actually quite a neat system, once one gets over the need for there to be just one great ‘Common Truth’, and understands that ‘Allowing’ means that we can all have our own ‘Truths’ which neither expect nor demand that any other share exactly the same ‘Truth’.
    {{{{{{{Cosmic Truth}}}}}}}

  13. The only instance of what I believe was true telepathy was a single word, my name, yelled in my ear at point blank range (sounded like he was right next to me) by my father, who happened to be about 250 yards away and about to drive away from the house I was asleep in. His voice in my head woke me up just in time to see him off. This experience followed a very traumatic occurence in my life, which also manifested some less believable phenomena, but this one I think was actual telepathy.

  14. I don’t know yet, let me know when you find out. It is hard sometimes, when what we perceive is founded on history, on what others will portray whether or not it is false or true. I have had wonderful conversations with those around me where others who would watch would sit there confused by what was actually said. There are a few around me that I can speak to with one or two small words and we know what is needed and what is said. To the rest of the world it looks and sounds “scary” as they cannot fit the missing pieces together in their own heads. We all work on different levels.

  15. Because my prayers actually make a difference.
    Oh yeah, since I have to talk about God, than I shall tell you that all prayers I do, I do in the presence of God Himself.

  16. Does the cause of the image originate from divine love?… if it does not then the illusion is not of the truth. The illusion however will have its effect due to the causes one brings into being with their thoughts.

  17. The one most important understanding that I have come to in my life is that the answer to this question means no difference, as long as you’re having a good time!
    If that is not the case, then the real question is… why?
    And, I’ve found that following the “why?” question down the mental-heart road that it likes to lead us down, will tend to lead one into true realizations of many unanswered questions.

  18. I see telepathy as mind reading, I have only seen it cases of 2 people joining for one intense purpose & then more of the case that they are just so joined it is as if they are one mind. More common is picking up on the feeings of others. In these cases since the parent of evey feeling is a thought many tmes you can follow back to the thought, but only if you know both yourself & the other person well. Most will test out their suspicions with people to see if they are really empathic or just crazy. If we are really all one can any of us really believe that on some level we do not all share our thoughts & feelings, even if we are not conscious of it? Is this not the biggest aspect of the illusion of separation? Thanks for hearing my voice.


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