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How do we feel superior to some people and inferior to others ? ?

Without knowing the ppeople having met them for the first time. Is it just some “aura” they have ?


  1. like the first poster said, charisma. It’s magical! A girl at my work isn’t the prettiest thing in the world. Physically, I’d rate her like a 6 on a scale from 1 to 10. Yet she has charisma coming out of her pores, and because of that, i sometimes stare at her like she’s a hottie! So in this case, some girls who are better looking feel kinda inferior to her.

  2. If someone is a huge football player you will feel physically inferior to them and you will watch your mouth around them. You will not mess with their girlfriend, because you know the guy will use his superiority to crush your inferior self, if he even perceives you as messing with him.
    If you are strong and athletic and some weird ass crazy creepy nerd is making your girlfriends feel uncomfortable, your very presence will make him feel inferior. You will feel superior, because you know you can and should kick his ass if he messes with your girlfriends. As you exercise your position you will gain the feedback that indeed you are superior and it will be satisfying.
    We are constantly assessing others as to whether they are stronger or weaker than us. Physically, mentally, socially, charismatically etc. In some cases we feel equal, but as time goes on one of you submits as the inferior or dominates as the superior. We are like animals, it is bound to happen. We gain assurance knowing who is the boss. Loosers and weaklings are less likely to know who is the boss, because they are all at the bottom. If you are on the football team, you will know who the top dawg is. You will also know that you are better than all the weak nerds. It is all about stature.
    I am more weak myself. I just understand how things work.

  3. We are all struggling upwards, like the trees in the forest, or like the bushes in a copse; some are higher, and thus superior, at least in height than others, and there may be one that for wondrous reasons, or for weird reasons that we may not understand yet, may be measured to be highest, or feel being highest; some are shorter than others, and all have a function, their function, as long as they exist, and even immensely long after their departure from this life, if they did something worth of memory.
    Because of our discriminatory intelligence, we are able to see that we are sort of superior in comparison to somebody else, and inferior to many others.
    Some people may be conventionally superior, made to feel superior, like the high priest that is elected superior, and saintly, within their religious system,
    or the high nation leader, because we need to assemble, seeking possibilities of survival and safety, under some collective protective force and have the ideological standard-bearer and the order-giver for our own cooperative protection and for trying and escaping a chaos of conflicting forces.
    Within the energies of ferocious nature somebody may appear to be superior and to achieve or to be donated more living space, through subduing many of the opponents, through killing or enslaving all the foes.
    Some people of civilized life may ardently emanate the fresh glow of healthy life from their own eyes, from their face, from the whole of their own person and personality, thus also projecting a brilliant aura, or a great halo of holiness, or of simple genius, from their person, and even from their picture when a faith has elected them saints or a culture or ideology has elected them great personalities.
    We may feel superior to many others from within the warm throbbing vaults of our own chest, from the immense sun-kissed landscapes of our own soul.
    We may feel depressed, envious, unhealthy, desperate, wishing to subdue and kill somebody or some others that we think are unjustly unfairly placed higher than us, or simply are nasty usurpers, in our own environment.
    We may feel a great moment of elated detachment, a dazzling feel of no comparison with anybody else, a fresh scent of life in our sun-kissed day, a fresh glow of wondrous freedom in our mind,
    a great impulse to greatly laugh while illuminating ourselves of sublime infinity.


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