Home Discussion Forum How do we experience soul consciousness.................?

How do we experience soul consciousness……………..?

What is soul consciousness according to you ……..
Please be simple in your language ………..
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  1. To me it exists inside me even if it does not have a substance. Proof= When it’s gone I am just an empty body. cold, lifeless and unresponsive.

  2. Its experienced by everyone , such feelings cant be expressed .
    for example , if u make a calculation on mind , then there is no work done , even if it is done by ur brain . Just like that , But everyone can accept that they always do things in the way of Soul and not the brain.
    Concluding , I experience the consciousness when i do something as i m upset , wont use the brain .Soul gives strength to overcome and decides my decisions .
    If u want something about Soul , mail me bhadrivishal@gmail.com

  3. In my understanding,
    Soul is an individual intelligence which is responsible for the physical body to have consciousness and capable of animating.
    Soul Consciousness is the awareness and understanding of Universal Intelligence which only stimulates the Individual Intelligence.
    One theory of creation:
    Emptiness is endless & everlasting. It is capable of evolving sub-atomic particles and they spread across the cosmos with positive & negative charges.
    The Universal Intelligence prompted the particles to unite and stay with individuality. When one proton & one electron united together it became HYDROGEN. While two protons and & two electrons decided to stay together it became HELIUM. And similarly 109 elements are there as of now.
    Out of many such elements when two Hydrogen atoms and one Oxygen decided to live together, it took the form of Water. Similarly all in the cosmos including our own body is the formation as per the Will of Universal Intelligence!
    There are various such theories of creation and every such understanding can be the experience of Soul Consciousness!

  4. Well Banjaran ji, this body is the house of soul, daily we leave this body when we sleep, but if we continuously meditate before sleep a day comes when body gets slept, but we wake in our body. Hence realizing separate from physical body is soul consciousness.
    नैनहु नीद पर द्रिसटि विकार ॥
    The eyes are asleep in corruption, gazing upon the beauty of another.
    स्रवण सोए सुणि निंद वीचार ॥
    The ears are asleep, listening to slanderous stories.
    रसना सोई लोभि मीठै सादि ॥
    The tongue is asleep, in its desire for sweet flavors.
    मनु सोइआ माइआ बिसमादि ॥१॥
    The mind is asleep, fascinated by Maya. ||1||
    इसु ग्रिह महि कोई जागतु रहै ॥
    Those who remain awake in this house are very rare;
    साबतु वसतु ओहु अपनी लहै ॥१॥ रहाउ ॥
    by doing so, they receive the whole thing. ||1||Pause||
    सगल सहेली अपनै रस माती ॥
    All of my companions are intoxicated with their sensory pleasures;
    ग्रिह अपुने की खबरि न जाती ॥
    they do not know how to guard their own home.
    मुसनहार पंच बटवारे ॥
    The five thieves have plundered them;
    सूने नगरि परे ठगहारे ॥२॥
    the thugs descend upon the unguarded village. ||2||
    उन ते राखै बापु न माई ॥
    Our mothers and fathers cannot save us from them;
    उन ते राखै मीतु न भाई ॥
    friends and brothers cannot protect us from them –
    दरबि सिआणप ना ओइ रहते ॥
    they cannot be restrained by wealth or cleverness.
    साधसंगि ओइ दुसट वसि होते ॥३॥
    Only through the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, can those villains be brought under control. ||3||
    करि किरपा मोहि सारिंगपाणि ॥
    Have Mercy upon me, O Lord, Sustainer of the world.
    संतन धूरि सरब निधान ॥
    The dust of the feet of the Saints is all the treasure I need.
    साबतु पूंजी सतिगुर संगि ॥
    In the Company of the True Guru, one’s investment remains intact.
    नानकु जागै पारब्रहम कै रंगि ॥४॥
    Nanak is awake to the Love of the Supreme Lord. ||4||
    सो जागै जिसु प्रभु किरपालु ॥
    He alone is awake, unto whom God shows His Mercy.
    इह पूंजी साबतु धनु मालु ॥१॥ रहाउ दूजा ॥२०॥८९॥
    This investment, wealth and property shall remain intact. ||1||Second. Pause||20||89||


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