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How do we ever manage to maintain a stable consciousness in the face of all the stimuli?

which impinge on us?
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  1. You can choose to categorize those thought processes and relegate what you perceive to be inconsequential to the background of your consciousness.
    You can be aware of all of the thoughts which are presented to your consciousness. But, you can choose to react to only the ones which you deem to be worthy.

  2. I dont completely understand your question. But I think you are asking “how do we have a good conscience through our bad actions”
    To that the bible says that we have God’s law written on our hearts, but not in our hearts. So we have an idea of what is wrong and what is right. However, God does hand people over to their evil desires and they may grow to convince themselves that what they do is OK. But they still have some idea of right and wrong. Like a homosexual knowing that murdering someone is wrong, but thinking what they do is OK.
    One thing that is very scary to me that has been filtering up through this new american generation is the idea that we should be OK with people the way they are and be accepting. This is disturbing to me because now humans think that they are more loving than God in that they allow gay people to be gay, swingers to be swingers. This idea that you should be Ok with what sins people do is gross. I am not sinless, however I hate the sin that I do and I wish to never sin again. I dispise sin and am discusted by it. It is no secret that God will show His wrath and hatred for sin upon the people who do not believe in His Son Jesus Christ. This is the sad truth. But it is all our faults and we all deserve eternal damnation in hell. I am O so greatfull that the good LORD Jesus Christ bought me with a price I couldn’t pay. Glory be to God forever and ever, Amen.

  3. Well, i presume you mean why dont we go crazy with all the stimuli we see, hear and feel around us? Well, there are 2 main parts of the mind, the conscious mind, and your unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is what makes you breathe automatically, makes your heart pump blood, and balances your body chemistry in perfect harmony. Your unconscious sees everything, feels everything , hears everything etc. There is billions of pieces of information being absorbed by your unsconsious at any time, and we could not handle keeping attention on all that information could we! So the conscious mind is created as a filter, and the conscious mind can only handle and focus on 7 plus or minus 2 pieces of information at any one time. So what happens, is what we “notice” is what we pay attention to. If its in the center of our vision, we notice it, if theres a feeling thats different from the average normal, we notice it, if there is a sound which is not the normal ambient noise around us, then and only then we pay attention to it. Ever paid attention to the top of your head, how about your right big toe? nly when you actively focus your attention on something, does it exist for you. Your unconscious sees everything,a dn only passes the things it needs to yor conscious for your attention. otherwise we would go mad.


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