Home Discussion Forum How do we become aligned with the greater consciousness???

How do we become aligned with the greater consciousness???


  1. Been reading Jung? Google Thelema and Golden Dawn. Remember when you do that it is all designed to help you understand yourself. Know thyself. as the Microcosm and below so above.

  2. I am that greater consciousness you inquire of. One becomes “aligned” by following my lead. Resistance is futile.

  3. Observing animals and nature very closely. I think going on
    a retreat is very helpful, but applying what you’ve discovered
    once you get home, difficult. Somewhere you have to make
    a decision whether to live the life of a sort of primordial esthete, or tackle the facts of your existence with a new and
    life enhancing outlook. The problem is, in order to do this,
    you have to separate, look deep inside and then change
    almost every thing about your daily life and consciousness.
    It’s a big step, perhaps taken more easily in tiny increments.
    There are so many distractions along the way..I’m trying to
    walk that path now myself.

  4. The first answer wins. Know thy self.
    When you stop being a machine, you can align yourself with a greater consciousness.
    And there is no such thing of a mechanical evolution. Evolution can only be the result of conscious effort.

  5. Learn to sit still in a room. The ‘greater consciousness’ is omnipresent. If you still your mind, learn to live in the present moment, get regular exercise, you will become an EXPRESSION of it.
    We look to the outside, but we are already manifestations of “it”. Jesus said “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.” But it’s simpler than that: We are it’s agents.
    We search for what we should be. Just be it.
    Oh, and to increase the difficulty of this level of the game, we have to get over ourselves. Remember, PRIDE is our worst enemy. Not to mention of course, fear and doubts.

  6. we and all that surrounds are but a small part of a greater existence. Allowing “ourselves” to be will let us understand our place within the grand scale of everything.

  7. by moving beyond inner chattering, inner mental noise, by just being still for a second and relax from the fruitless thinking…. then the ultimate consciousness awareness enters your being and reveals truth you were not able to even imagine one glimpse of it through the tiny human mind chatter…

  8. It helps to be in a sacred place, like a mountaintop or deep in a redwood forest. If you always act out of impersonal love (love that knows no jealousy or possessiveness), you will gradually become aligned with the Divine. Meditation helps a great deal, and there are hundreds of techniques to use. Try meditating on a candle flame for half an hour every night for a year. You can let your thoughts flow freely, but keep your attention on the flame. After a while the flame becomes internalized and then fire becomes a part of you. You can do the same thing with the other elements of air,water and earth.
    And this is an introductory course.


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