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How do use tarot cards to solve problems?

I don’t want to play games, I want to solve problems for others and myself. Is there are website of some sort that could teach me?


  1. Fortune-telling, according to The Encyclopedia Americana, involves “predicting one’s fortune or future, by alleged signs or indications seen and interpreted by amateur or professional diviners.”
    Fortune-telling is, therefore, a form of divination, a procedure for gaining knowledge of the unknown or of the future by extraordinary means. That is why the names of many of its methods end in -mancy (from the Greek man·tei”²a: “the mode of divination”). There are, for example, cartomancy (fortune-telling by cards), chiromancy (by the lines of one’s hand) and crystallomancy (by use of a crystal ball or other transparent object).
    Many methods of fortune-telling involve looking for and interpreting omens or signs that supposedly foreshadow future events. Astrology is in this category. The sun, moon, stars and planets are said to affect earthly and human events. Each star group and each planet is assumed to exert a particular influence, positive or negative. Astrologers cast a “horoscope” or chart of the positions of the heavenly bodies relative to one another at the time of a person’s birth. From this they claim to be able to read his personality and destiny.
    Palmistry is a way of fortune-telling by examining the lines and other characteristics of the palm of someone’s hand. Showing a close connection with astrology, palmists speak of the hand as having “mounts,” named after the seven planets known to ancient astrologers.
    Some fortune-tellers work with Tarot cards. These special cards include 22 “Tarots” (or trumps) and 56 numeral cards. The numeral cards are divided into four suits. Each suit is given an overall sense and each card is given a specific meaning. The cards are interpreted according to their assigned meanings, modified by the combination of one card with another when dealt, drawn or spread out.
    Tarot reading, too, is connected with astrology. The book How the Tarot Speaks to Modern Man explains that Tarot readers “base their interpretation of the cards upon the structure of the universe, particularly the solar system as symbolized by the Holy Cabala.” The “Cabala” (a body of Jewish occult doctrine) divides up the universe into three elements (fire, air and water), seven planets and the twelve signs of the zodiac–22 in all, corresponding with the 22 trump cards of the Tarot deck.
    There are many other methods of fortune-telling by omens, including the way tea leaves settle at the bottom of a cup, the configurations of drops of oil on the surface of water and the fall of dice or dominoes.
    Do you think that something that God directly condemns in his inspired Word could help you? Actually, fortune-telling could do considerable harm. How so?
    One reason is given in The World Book Encyclopedia: “Such a belief may rob a person of trust in himself and his own ability. He may begin to look on himself as a ‘pawn of fortune’ who cannot change his fate. He then may lose ambition.”
    More importantly, since fortune-telling involves the use of “uncanny power,” which God condemns, it brings His disfavor, making a person “detestable to Jehovah,” preventing him from having an acceptable relationship with God. (Deut. 18:12) Moreover, the Bible associates prediction of the future by fortune-tellers with the influence of demons. Dabbling in fortune-telling can open up one to harassment from the invisible realm.
    No genuine good, therefore, can come from seeking the guidance of fortune-tellers or reading literature designed to help people to develop psychic powers. Christians do well to follow the example of persons of the first century C.E. whom the Lord Jesus Christ favored because they “did not get to know the ‘deep things of Satan.’”–Rev. 2:24.
    For those who may already be involved in practices like fortune-telling, the Bible contains the following helpful example: “Many of those who had become believers would come and confess and report their practices openly. Indeed, quite a number of those who practiced magical arts brought their books together and burned them up before everybody.” (Acts 19:18, 19) People who became Christians made a clean break from such practices.
    Fortune-tellers with their psychic abilities cannot help you to know God and his requirements for acceptable worship. Nor can they provide sound guidance for everyday life and a sure hope for the future. That information is found only in the Holy Bible, which is truly “inspired of God.” (2Â Tim. 3:16; Ps. 119:105; Isa. 46:10) It is study of the Word of God, therefore, and not the consulting of fortune-tellers, that will truly help you in your life.

  2. Burn them. It will make you feel warm to solve the problem of being cold. They are nothing but generalizations rationalized by mystics and false teachings.

  3. The only way to solve problems, is to search for the solutions, either by yourself or enlist the aid of family, friends, etc.
    ACTION produces results.

  4. Tarot is one of the most common divinatory systems, so there is a lot that has been written about it. It’s better to get a book and take your time, many of them include exercises and some good bibliographies. Probably the most has been written about the Rider-Waite deck, Eden Gray’s “A Complete Guide to the Tarot” is very good, and the deck is also readily available. I’d stay away from web-sites for this kind of thing, divination, like any form of spiritualism, requires a lot of time for study, reflection, and meditation.

  5. Hello Mia
    They can solve problems as they can show you where you really are & what the outcome to your situation may be if you stay on the same path.
    You can also use them Clairvoyantly which gives you greater depth.


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