Home Discussion Forum How do u utilize your third eye?

How do u utilize your third eye?

How can you open and use your third eye? does anyone know?


  1. LOL, there’s no such thing as a “third eye”. The effect described by so-called “seers” is really just an ability to manipulate one’s own brain chemistry in a way similar to the effect of psychoactive drugs.
    That’s within the realm of what our brain is capable of, as all drugs like LSD do is set our brain off producing its own chemicals. The hallucinations are not he result of chemicals in the LSD, but rather a process that the LSD starts. The brain’s own chemicals, once set off by the LSD, are responsible for the “trip”. The LSD is out of the system within a few hours, while the brain’s trip lasts half a day or more.
    Whether people that claim to utilize their “third eye” are really capable of producing these chemicals at will is up for debate. There’s been no proof of it, but it’s within the realm of possibility.
    UPDATE: The aura person below me is full of crap. Read about the physiology of the eye, or better yet look at people through a camera that can see infrared and ultraviolet light. People don’t have auras even if you view them in the full spectrum (which is physically impossible with the human eye.)

  2. Google chakra meditations. They will show you how to open each one. It is simply raising your energy and using visualization. When the eye is open, you will know. It is unlike anything you have experienced before.

  3. do you know how many years of training it requires to actually manage to open the third eye, meditation, patience and concentration
    good luck

  4. Temporal Inner Eye Chakra Level One
    The seventh level of the Throat chakra is also the first level of the Inner Eye. It brings us an awareness of the astral plane. It is on this astral plane that we create the circumstances of the physical world. Magic is the shaping of energy through thought and emotion. The process of magic takes place in the astral plane. The result of that process takes form in the physical world. The seventh level of Throat Chakra and the first level of the Inner Eye Chakra begins this process. It is here that we can become aware of this process and begin to take conscious control of it.
    Good luck with it all. ~M~

  5. We are born with open third eye but unfortunately most of us only use it during the sleep, so in awake life we should practice some other ways like:
    * Meditation – Sit somewhere you are comfort, try not to think of anything and only watch your breath
    * Psychedelics – With changing chemistry of brain we can open the doors of our other abilities
    * Binaural beats – By listening to wave sounds we can change the level of brain
    But most importantly you should keep your third eye open by being one with real world and your soul.


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