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How do u use tarot cards?

I wanna know. If wanted to know for a while.


  1. Tarot cards conjure images of gypsy women, crystal balls and hocus pocus. It’s hard to separate the cards from their long history. However, the tarot cards themselves are rather benign; their only power is the belief we place in them. And they fill a spectrum of needs, from an amusing hobby to a powerful tool for exploring the inner workings of our lives. There are no hard and fast rules for the care and reading of your cards, but these are some suggestions to get you started on your way.
    STEP 1: Get a deck of tarot cards. The Rider-Waite tarot deck is a good choice to start with. Shop online or at bookstores, which often carry tarot decks. STEP 2: Use a scarf or cloth and wrap your cards to create a safe and clean environment. You may also want to buy a special box in which to store your wrapped deck. STEP 3: Season your deck of cards by sleeping with the wrapped cards next to your heart or under your pillow for a week. Now you’re ready to read! STEP 4: Concentrate on the question being asked, and shuffle the deck. You can mix the cards in a big pile using both hands, and then gather them up neatly and proceed with a regular card shuffle. STEP 5: Cut the deck. If reading for someone else, have him or her ask the question out loud as he or she cuts the deck. If you do the reading for yourself, ask your own question as you cut. STEP 6: Deal the cards using the tarot spread of your choice. A simple card spread is four cards in a diamond shape. STEP 7: Look first at the design on the cards. Cards that look right side up for the reader are in a positive position; cards that look upside down for the reader are reversed. Reversed cards indicate conflict or blocked energy or weaken the card’s influence. STEP 8: Begin to learn the card meanings. Start with the Related Site, “Individual Tarot Cards,” or a good book. STEP 9: Come up with your own card meanings and descriptions to personalize your reading style. Don’t be afraid to follow your instincts. Tips & Warnings
    In the four-card, diamond-shaped layout, card No. 1 at the top point of the diamond represents your romantic life. The next card, below card one on the right point, represents finances. The third card on the lower point of the diamond represents health and happiness. The fourth card, which is placed opposite card No. 2 on the left diamond point, represents career.
    You may want to burn candles with your readings. You can choose a color or fragrance that is reflective of the questions you’re asking or the mood you’re seeking. Try blue candles for healing, patience, peace and happiness. Purple candles work in much the same way but also help for visualization and dreaming. Or burn green for prosperity and growth or black to absorb negativity.
    It’s uncertain just when tarot cards came into being, but they are the forefathers of our domesticated, four-suited deck of 52. The 78-card tarot deck is broken up into the Minor Arcana and the Major Arcana. The 22 Major Arcana Cards present the strongest messages and images and have the most to tell us. The Minor Arcana cards more resemble the deck we use today, with four suits; most often the deck depicts these suits as wands, cups, pentacles and swords.
    Today, tarot card collecting and reading has become a popular hobby, there are hundreds of decks, with themes as diverse as goddesses and baseball.
    You should be the only one to handle your deck unless you want the person for whom you’re reading to shuffle or cut the deck.
    Don’t feel you must be a slave to a book. Let the cards speak to you.

  2. Most book stores sell tarot cards with instructions. You just have to memorise the meanings of each card, and the meanings of the positions they can be placed in, then use you own intuitive abilities to read what they are saying. Practice, practice, practice; it’s very addictive.
    Although, be warned, supposedly it is bad luck to buy tarot cards for yourself, they should be a gift.

  3. Tarot has several ways you can lay the cards out. And if you don’t have the meaning of the cards memorized, it’s good to have a complete book about it with you. I’ve been doing card readings for a while. I made my own deck, which is advised to do and I choose 3 cards to represent what’s going on and what’s going to happen. Some people pick 3 cards to mean past, present, future…and so on. Millions of ways to read the cards. So, whatever’s comfortable to you. Now, tarot isn’t for telling the future. It’s used to give you insight to you life in the present. But unless you read countless books about it, you’d be sterotyping it as a lot of people do.
    Peace & Love,
    S. Royes

  4. A tarot deck consists of 78 cards that you lay out in any one of a number of spreads. Each card is symbolic of an energy or spiritual truth, its relevance depending upon its position in the spread. There are so many possible outcomes that tarot readers spend decades mastering the meanings of all the cards in all the different combinations. Books are one resource, but can only help so much.
    Using the power of Synchronicity, Tarot taps both the subconscious and the superconscious Mind, the center of our psychic abilities. Anyone can become a good tarot reader. But a gifted reader of Tarot is far more than someone exercising innate psychic abilities. An appreciation of the power of the archetypes contained in the images on the cards demands a classical understanding. By bringing you this element, Tarot.com lets you give yourself good readings right off the bat and will lead to more accurate intuitive abilities over time.

  5. I use mine as a distraction for my brain. Lay spreads while meditating on questions helps clear and focus my thoughts. Its surprising how often the vagueness of the cards mirror my own thoughts.
    I mean, I know people who have done experiments of sorts, not accepting money with a high success rate as the people they read for made their lives fit the cards.

  6. I use them for my own personal path. I don’t normally do readings for someone else. Everyday I at least draw one card from my deck to meditate on and on certain nights I do full readings for myself and my family. I also do readings when I have a strange feeling that something is happening that I should be warned about. 90% of the time what I read is what is happening.

  7. 1st-get a deck that appeals to you(but have someone get it for you, you can give them the cash for it) it’s for good luck.
    2nd-Look at each card and wright down how you feel about it. What do you think it means.
    3rd-Meditate to each card every night and study each one very carefully(wright dow what you think each one means.
    4th-smudge your deck after each reading.
    You can also get lessons to learn how to do it too.
    Good Luck and Best Wishes.


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