Home Discussion Forum how do u use chi as in chakra?

how do u use chi as in chakra?

i need anyone who knows about chi too tell me if u do ill tell u how too use other kinds and easy ways too ^_^ so so like i said u tell me i tell u ok hehehe


  1. Check my profile, it describes something about how I use chi.
    Can one do ill with chi? Yes. That is one half of the “Iron Palm” equation. The other half, of course, is physical: technical practice and conditioning, developing bone density. But if you have ever seen a master of “iron palm” energy they are pale and sickly looking because of all the bad (unhappy) chi that they need to cultivate and store in order to keep it on reserve for immediate use.

  2. By using Qigong techniques, they stimulate Chi Flow and make your more effective, I only know Iron Shirt Qi Gong and Naughty Boys Qi Gong though, so I’m not an expert at it.

  3. resources in the matter are unlimited but the best and most effective use of this is through meditation on ur breath chi is chinese for the breath so it stands to reason and for proper guidence there are meny choices most free internet sources … hmm chakras are different. they are like psychic organs whose health directly relates to your emotions and mental state. a reiki healer or psychic or yogi could explain better


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