Home Discussion Forum how do u remember your past lives?

how do u remember your past lives?

without having to pay for past life regression?


  1. A good starting place is your deep phobias. Like are you seriously afraid of heights? Could be that in a past life that played a part in your demise. Look to yourself and pay attention to the signals.

  2. if you asking its has hap pend to you and it wasn’t anything you did it just happens now past life or part of a inherited from your gene pool so basically one in the same just work on it as i get older i remember more and more and less about this one

  3. There are several methods in which to try to do like hypnosis, and focusing on the different eras, but I think they can lead to creative memories. There are classes and therapists our there willing to help you achieve such a desire but then again, caveat emptor.
    I do believe in the possibility of reincarnation but think the people who do remember have general reached a certain level of advancement. Just by being open to such a possibility will help any past life memories to surface.
    There is no guarantee and it should be known there are more important things to focus on such as wisdom and peace at heart.
    There is a story about how a yogi tried for many many years to achieve the power to walk on water. Eventually this yogi did achieve the power in which the Buddha’s response was why would someone try so hard to walk on water when all they had to do was pay 10 rupees and take the ferry.

  4. by the feelings in your stomah that you get when you see, hear or think of something, thats what i did, i kept getting wierd feelings tword jewish people, school teachers, and people with certain names and then you just hook it all together, a jewish school teacher, then you just think back in time to what years you feel connected to or what you wish you could live in, and that’s the time area you lived in, and then when you wonder if you were a boy or a girl in your last past life then which ever one you get a werid feeling twords is the one you were. thats what i did, but i figured out even MORE wierd stuff about my past life, but im not telling you because if i do you would think its hilarious and that im absolutly NUTS!


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