Home Discussion Forum how do u read someones aura?

how do u read someones aura?

how do u read someones aura i need help thanks (no joke)


  1. Uh, I would suggest being around them and I guess just reading their vibes. Do you feel happy or sad around them? Are you outgoing or withheld? Feeling how they interact with your own is the best way to find out or observe interactions with others. Body language helps isolate it sometimes as well. I do not think that everyone can feel, or is willing to feel them.

  2. If you have the talent to see readings you should have a list of meanings to help you with the read.
    Red ¦¦¦ Independence, attainment 1
    Orange ¦¦¦ Tact, diplomacy 2
    Yellow ¦¦¦ Self expression, creativity 3
    Green ¦¦¦ System and order 4
    Blue ¦¦¦ Variety, freedom 5
    Indigo ¦¦¦ Responsibility, family 6
    Violet ¦¦¦ Wisdom, spirituality 7
    Rose ¦¦¦ Money, materialism 8
    Bronze ¦¦¦ Humanitarianism 9
    Silver ¦¦¦ Illumination 11
    Gold ¦¦¦ Master Builder 12

  3. According to the popular new children’s novel The Alchemist (not the classic), only certain people can see aura. And use Sprite for remote viewing. Just saying. Read it.

  4. I can see them at times…One night, my husband was standing in the
    dining room talking to me as I was sitting in the Living room listening to him….All of a sudden—-he was all lit up all around him, bright, Golden Yellow!I was amazed! Never Seen one so large! It Glowed all around him and expanded out a good ways! I said to him, “Your Aura
    is big and bright yellow! He and I continued to talk—and I was still seeing it for a few minuets there, it lasted awhile.
    I asked him what Yellow meant….He said, “well, I am in a pretty good mood. So, that is probably what it means”.
    Auras can show our moods, or the state of our health.
    Terry is right on what he said on the meanings of colors, but here is the meanings ‘Mood Wise’, or, “health wise”……
    RED—Passion, anger
    BLUE—Peaceful, tranquil
    Black—-Evil, darkness
    Green—Healer, growth
    There is an exercise that you can do in order to develop it. No guarantees that this is your gift….
    Place your hands in front of your face and take your two index fingers
    pointing together…..Touch the two fingers together, fixing your eyes on your fingers….Star at the fingers—but, you should un-fix your focus on the eyes, as if you are looking past your fingers…..Slowly move your fingers apart….not too far….you will See a “Haze”….maybe there is a color….It’s easiest to See a color if the background is white….
    It may take practice, but if you keep it up, you will See….


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