How do u explain witchcraft and wicca to a christian without getting a bad reaction?

by Al:

My brother knows that I do witchcraft and wicca, and he wants to know what it’s about, but he’s a christian and I don’t want him to react badly and ask me stupid stuff like have I ever put any spells on anyone or can I turn something into a toad etc. So how do I explain it?
my brother is trying to convert me, and so he wants to know what I used to believe in, so I can let go completely…sorry if I didn’t explain that properly.

Answer by Amanda R
You don’t. I know as a Christian I don’t care or want to hear about that crap.


  • I believe the best thing to do is to be completely honest with him about your Wiccan practices. If need be, even go into the history of it. Show him that you have nothing to hide.

    If and when he does ask questions, answer them as honestly as possible and don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know.”

    Whatever reaction he has, first hear him out and then respond as maturely as possible.

    By doing this you show him that you take Wicca seriously and that you intelligently made the decision to practice it.

  • I cannot get over the sheer amount of bigotry in some of these answers!

    As for explanation, if you have any books, gather them up. Places online like http://www.religioustolerance.org/ really help as well. And keep in mind in the explanation that in the technical sense, a Pagan is anyone who does not practice Christianity or Judaism.

    I can’t say one way or the other if it will be easy or not. You could always try to start off with humor, like “Have you ever seen a witch before? – There’s one standing in front of you” since so many people (and a lot on here apparently) seem to think we’re all scraggly with green skin and large warts.

    Education and an open mind are key.

  • Go for the True Wicca meaning. Mother Earth and that type of stuff. I am born of a line of witches but chose to be christian. I still use and grow herbs for medicines and meditate. Avoid anything about Goddesses and Green Man.

  • Wicca is an Earth-based religion that worships the forgotten Gods and Goddesses and the Elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. Wicca is not evil in any way! We believe in the three-fold law which is to harm none and what you give comes back on you three times good or bad. Our spells are like Christian prayers only using nature as our guide.

    This is what I usually say to evryone so they don’t freak out too much. And then if they want to know more, I’ll go into more details.

  • First of all explain that it was the religion of all of us in the Uk until Christianity came over here as an import! Then explain that it is a Nature based religion celebrating the passing of the seasons and living in harmony with our planet. Tell him that witches have known that natural remedies etc work forever and that only know are people beginning to go back to the old remedies and plant therapies.

    Tell him it is nothing whatsoever to do with Devil Worship as the Devil is a Christian invention and we dont believe in God or the Devil but just in the life force in all of us and the balance between Male and Female which is why we have both a God – to honour the male elements in us all and nature and a Goddess to honour the female elements in us all and nature.

    If he starts going on about spells then explain that people only get turned into toads in storybooks and real witches would laugh at such things – ask him what prayer is? Turn the tables – I bet he says something like ” sending my wishes and hopes to God to ask for his blessing ” or some such. Then explain that prayers and spells are one and the same thing except that we dont send out our thoughts to God but to the universe in general. Except that our spells are mostly done for the good of someone or something not for personal wishes. Remember the threefold return – explain that to him, whatever you give out you get back three times as strong- it is as simple as a smile – you smile at someone they generally smile back! So you would never do anything bad as you want a happy life not a bad one with bad things happening to you.

    Also the main difference is that we tolerate other religions believing that if it works for you it is right, we dont try to convert people we just respect their beliefs and he should respect your right to be a Witch and into Wicca as you respect his right to be a Christian. Christians are supposed to practice tolerance too it is in the bible so he should respect you.

    If he is still not convinced tell him to read about other religions especially the creation stories, (you and he if you do this together will find that all religions have similar elements they just have different names! ) For example our law of threefold return is the same as Karma for Buddists or trying to be the best Christian by being a good samaritan. His Father son and holy ghost are our Maiden, Mother and Crone, in other religions there is a threefold aspect – it just has different names and all religions are based on the cycle of life, death and rebirth – think the life of Jesus for Christians and the turning of the Wheel of Nature and the seasons for us – other religions have similar stories with the same elements in them – the more you both read about other religions the more you will realise that all are equally valid – it is what works for you that is important.

    Hope this helps – let me know what happens.
    Periwinkle )o(

  • Whether he is Christian or not has no reflection on his reaction what so ever, if he asked about it then tell him, if you are worried about his trying to convert you as you say then simply explain what it is and ask him to respect that, if he cannot then ask him to drop the subject or ignore it respectfully when he brings it up.

    It does tend to work better if you avoid saying ‘Wicca is like Christianity because of X, Y, and Z’ it is also generally not a good idea to point out that Christians were practicing witchcraft long before Wicca ever came on the scene. Don’t compare religions just explain it very simply, in most simple terms, and then explain why you feel it is right for you, then rather than compare with his religion try to find a common ground, for example try ‘When I am following my faith I feel like….., don’t you feel the same way?’ or open up discussion. Don’t be scared to open up lines of communication where you can discuss, that way is how you find common ground and get a better understand of each other even if it may involve some arguing and problems at the start if you have good communication and avoid blaming each others religions or attacking each others beliefs it will work out fine in the end.

    Although you may know about Christianity, do you know about his beliefs specifically? Maybe this is a way to find common ground too, if he is asking about your beliefs it is only fair you ask about his and ask just as touch questions to him, while at the same time remaining respectful as you’ll get no where asking him to defend his faith to you, because he will just get defensive as I am sure you may get as well when he challenges your beliefs.

    He is your brother so I will assume that he loves you as brothers should, thus why he wants to convert you, it isn’t out of hatred or prejudice, within Christianity it is believed that Jesus is the only way into heaven and many will try to convert as an attempt to save. Some people go through a phase of being asses, it could be he is just being an ass, in which case treat him as siblings do sometimes treat each other, with fighting and arguing, not with hatred though of course.
    The problem is with many Christians is that they believe it is their duty as Christians to teach the word of God and try to save people, however not everyone has the ability to do that. I can probably think of a good few who have greatly offended me as a Pagan when discussing in their communities, there is only one who I remember as attempting to ‘convert’ me in a positive way where she simply said ‘if you have questions, ask me’ she was only 14 years old but she had a great ability to explain her faith and religion in a way that would make someone willing to convert want to convert, without offending those who are happy in their own faith. There is also another point right there, if happy in your faith then what should it matter what your brother says anyway?

    Jokes are also not always out of hate or mockery, sometimes they are just jokes because people know the stereotypes and sometimes they are just a little nervous about something new to them that they do not understand — after all if someone makes such jokes doesn’t it make you want to correct them?

  • I love the version of the Bible that explains how wichtcraft is a sin. This is funny because when the bible was written (old or new testament) there was no such thing Witches. Just another case of the Bible being translated improperly.

  • I vote for (turn him to a frog) so you don’t have to get any reactions from him 🙂
    I like the question lol

  • Wicca is just an afterthought of paganism, and there are astounding similarities between Christianity and paganism, take for instance the symbols, the pentagram or pentacle if you rather was actually used as a Christian symbol, the 5 points representing the 5 wounds of Christ…
    I really do think some of the people on here aren’t true Christians as they just use these questions as an excuse to prejudice and belittle others… and I’m not pagan or Wicca before you all start giving me crap…
    ttfn ;o)
    and if you’re brother starts acting like a twonk again, send the little snot rag to a damned library!

  • He’s probably worried that his siter is self deluded into belieiving she has magic powers. You don’t, no Wiccans do, so he won’t be worried about you turning into a toad.

    Wicca is a hoax started by masochist and Crowley disiciple Gerald Gardner so he could be beaten by strong willed women, according to the book Crafting The Art of Magic by Adian Kelly.


    There several dozen verses in the Bible that state worship of pagan gods and goddesses, sorcery, divination, etc., are all against the Christian religion.


    Wicca is plagarized in part from the writings of Aleister Crowley, a man who thought who was the Anti-Christ.


    And while Wicca is not Stanism per se, it does borrow a lot of words and terminology from gothic Satanism. People who call themselves witches are feared in every culture…but for some reason people in English speaking countries aren’t supposed to do this.


    There is no good way to explain it without getting a bad reaction.

  • The practice of Wicca and witchcraft are sins. That is why your brother wants you to convert to Christianity. He loves you and wants you to go to heaven when you die. Please listen to what he is saying to you. Pray about it. And I pray that you will accept our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ, into your life. God bless!

  • Christians believe the will of G-d is perfect and rely on Him for strength and salvation. They believe that the Spirit of G-d sustains all creation. They seek to better understand G-d and His manifestations and want to align themselves closer with His will. They believe by uttering prayers that they can change their destiny or gain strength from G-d. They believe they are weak and require grace from Jesus to be righteous. They believe in an afterlife.

    Wicca is not so different from Christianity. It just has less narrow definitions of things like who or what G-d is or gods are. Wiccans believe the earth sustains creation and ascribe it living characteristics. They recite “prayers” for strength or to change their own destiny. They also believe in a continuity of conciousness after death.

    Sure there are many differences and the two religions definately are incompatable, but probably the most important thing to explain to him is that you do not worship Satan because you don’t believe in him either. In fact, Wiccans probably wouldn’t worship Satan if they did believe he was real because in his rebellion and greed he attempted to remove the balance from the universe that is G-d and Wiccans seek to maintain the balance of nature and become more in harmony with it.

    That’s just my opinion and I don’t believe in either one of them so take it with a grain of salt.

  • If your brother is trying to convert you he is unlikely to accept anything you say about your beliefs in a good way. Just be honest and deal with his questions however silly they might seem. Since Wicca is so free form and there is no definitive one way to approach it explain the tenets carefully.

    A belief in the Divine as neither male nor female, but encompassing both, through the archetypes of God and Goddess, by many names and aspects.

    A belief in the Divine being present in all things, including nature and animals, which engenders a respect for all life, even inanimate life.

    A belief in the ability to affect and shape one’s reality and world by the process called Magick, which is a use of conscious will directed towards a goal – called a spell. This process is often done through rituals and/or with props that assist in focusing the will towards a goal.

    The belief that no spell should be cast on any person without their conscious consent.

    The belief in the 3 Fold Law, that what is sent out comes back to us, not just once, as in Karma, but 3 times over.

    The Wicca Rede: An it harm none, do as thou wilt.

  • As a Christian, he is conditioned to have blind faith and the self-righteous notion that Christianity is right where everything else is wrong. It seems that he is curious and interested in your “faith” (since I don’t know what else to call it-forgive me).
    You could find some common ground if the both of you went to visit at a Unitarian Universalist “church” (legally a church, not a place of worship, though). UU’s don’t have a religious doctrine or creed, but rather a respect and tolerance for diversity. UU’s are all about sharing their differences, and fellowship, regardless of belief or faith. Check out a search engine to learn more about UU’s, and a local UU “church”….. people of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome to visit and share. It’s pretty cool.
    Maybe your brother can learn to accept that there are other possible “correct” beliefs or ways to live by. Knowledge is power, and respect and tolerance is empathetic. Encourage him to question everything and seek the knowledge that brings wisdom. More knowledge=less ignorance=less fear=less hatred=more understanding=more acceptance=more love.
    Take Care!

  • Wicca is an earth-based religion, which sees all of Creation as Sacred simply because it is alive. Witchcraft is a tool… a type of psychology one uses to focus on a specific outcome.

    There really isn’t any way to explain this to people who fear the unknown and have always been told it’s pure evil. Magic is not magic… I know, it sounds stupid, but it is the truth. When someone says magic, most people think of Disney cartoons or Harry Potter (poor guy) and it is nothing like that at all.

    Just be prepared for the worst. Just glancing over some of your other answers should pretty much tell you how a typical Christian will react to it. Fear, Hate and an obvious ignorance that is astounding in this day and age.

    Best wishes.

  • this is a link about how to share the gospel with pagans as a christian I would say many of the same ideas apply in reverse


    also i would try to not go to indepth into your magical working they are personal as it is, try giving him a copy of the wiccan rede as principles that you live by similar to his commandments in a way and maybe going over some of the holidays and how they are similar to his above all let it be known that you aren’t trying to change him but just inform and that your intent is to harm none

    with your additional details have him read the link above

  • Well explain to him that it is not devil worship first. Tell him about the god and goddess and everything and also tell him that Wicca makes you closer to the earth and nature.

  • He shouldn’t be trying to convert you, it is your choice to believe what you want. As for explaining about it, just tell him of the love and respect you have for nature and the natural world. Show him a basic book that explains it all, including dispelling the myth that we are devil worshippers.

    “Christians (myself included) don’t need to be educated about wicca and witchcraft. We already know enough about it to know it’s wrong. ” – This is a very narrow minded attitude. You obviously know nothing about it, so how can you say it is wrong? What is it about the term witchcraft that scares people? We are a nature loving people and take pride in its protection and survival.

  • first off a true christian wouldn’t judge you for what you are. i believe the saying is condemn the sin and not the sinner. oh yeah and there is also the one about how only their god in heaven has the right to judge….. i find most of the christians on here very hypocritical.

    as far as your brother goes, just remember he’s your brother he loves you no matter what you are or what you do. just set up an agreement not to impose your believes on each other.

  • Well a lot of these answers are a load of rubbish ….. lol. I’m a Christian, so I’ll take it from there ….. basically, if he wants to know, then tell him straight, if he cares that much for you and wants to convert you, then he’ll listen and try to understand. Ok, you may get some stupid questions, but if he doesnt know anything on the subject then in a way I guess thats to be expected. And in the end, he cant force you to convert to Christianity, its your life, so its your choice ultimately what you want to believe in


  • I am not Wicca, but my understanding is that you worship nature: if I am right, that isn’t a million miles from Christianity, really. Explain that to him.

    If he is really fundamental, then only Christianity will do for him, and I don’t think he will accept what you do.

    Good luck.

  • Tell him that if you cast a spell on someone it will come back to you three fold. So it should make him happy that you aren’t hopping around on a lily pad.

  • Well, you’re going to run into trouble no matter what you do because:

    1) The faith is polytheistic; and

    2) He’s going to think you worship the devil because of the age old anti pagan propaganda – further fostered by Hollywood.

    I think the best way to approach it would be to ask this question first. “Do you think there is more than one way to worship the divine creation?” If he answers, “yes,” the door is open to an honest discussion of your religious differences. If he says, “no,” you’re dead before you start.

  • Just tell him to shut up and hear you out, then tell him straight forward.

    If he starts argueing, just walk away and ignore him.

  • i would say if you have a wiccan bible or some other form of book and have him read it and answer what ever questions he may have. my friend is a wiccan and i ask all the time and i respect her beliefs. i guess it really boils down to whether or not your brother respects your beliefs as you would respect his. in response to Robert K’s post, why do Christians celebrate pagan holidays such as Halloween and all saint’s day? it seems to me that Christianity and paganism go hand in hand. I may have opened a can of worms for saying that but i would like to know

  • If he’s a true Christian, he’ll never accept what you’re doing, but he’ll still try to love you and bring you to the truth.

  • I am a Christian and I am given to understan that most witchcraft and wiccans do nothing more than praise the mother earth and the spirits and dieties of all living things. There credo I believe is harm nothing. I forgot the rest but you could simply tell him you believe in thanking different dieties for the earthly things they give us. Much like Native americans did.

  • um.. do you really think you are a witch, because the bible specifically states that these abilities come from satan.

  • Christians (myself included) don’t need to be educated about wicca and witchcraft. We already know enough about it to know it’s wrong.

  • Never go into “spells” or the like. When talking to a “Christian” always use small words and be a little vague. Talk about the spirituallity and communion with nature and life.

  • Earnestly tell him that you have to make animal sacrifices and stuff. That you dig up corpses in abandoned graveyards and dance with them under the harvest moon. Tell him you drink toad blood from the skulls of wild animals.

    Then laugh and say you were just joking and tell him whatever it is wiccans really do. He’ll be so relieved there should be no problems.


  • you don’t.

    witchcraft and wicca are foolishness for the misguided, so you will never get a “good” reaction from anybody, unless they’re as lost as you are.

  • A christian would not want to hear your explanation. The bad reaction you speak of is normal, when you know the truth why listen to lies contently without defiance.

    Galatians 5:19-21 (King James Version)
    19Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,

    20Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,

    21Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

  • If you feel like you must tell him, first tell him what you believe and when he is OK with that, tell him what you call yourself.

  • There isn’t one way to do that. You are better off going to a Christian Pasture, or Reverand since they have more experience.

    I know Witchcraft is a sin but at the same time I can’t reject you because Jesus Christ made what to do as a Christian Clear.

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