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How do u cleanse your body from negative energies? Which crsytal should I carry as an example?


  1. There’s no such thing as ‘negative energies’ in your body.
    Crystals are inanimate objects that cannot interact with your body.
    Why do doctors not prescribe crystals? Why do they not treat ‘negative energy’??

  2. put your left hand on a big tree
    your left hand being on your back
    put your right hand on your solar plexus
    and relax
    this is a natural way to recharge your body frpm the effect of bad energy …
    if no tree is nearby
    relax on your bed
    put your left hand over your heart
    take a prism and put it out in the sunlight (in the morning)
    the 7 cokors will illuminate your mind and clean your aura from bad energy
    your right hand above
    and relax your mind
    and get rid of all negative thoughts

  3. Do breathing exercise is the best way.
    Use Clear Quartz is good.
    you need to soak it overnight first in ground water or natural mineral water before you use it and also weekly to purify it. Only then it will function well

  4. rose quartz is an extremely beneficial crystal and the most powerful one for this I’ve used. its pink colour willl not allow any negative energiesto penetrate your aura. to cleanse your body is very simple..you just need to imagine ‘rainbow’ rain (starting with red, then orange, yellow, green, violet, indigo..and you can add gold and silver) pouring all over your body..starting/entering through your head, and imagine any debris or dark areas being cleansed, brightened and/or lifted from your body.

    • There is nothing like negative energies .It is your sensors which respond to these energies.Negativity lies in our electromagnetic sensors not in the surrounding fields.

  5. crystals vary form person to person. check your zodiac for that, Generally as a rule of thumb white crystals heal. amethist calm.
    Its very simple, stay away from negative books, tv and especialy peoeple and situations. dont speak negatively or you attract it.
    heal your self with white light. breath and continue to avoid negative energies and people. you will be fine.

  6. try yoga excercises. Take an early morning walk around your neighborhood for an hour. the fresh air will do wonders in removing your negative energies


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