Home Discussion Forum How do u cleanse the negative energy from your body?

How do u cleanse the negative energy from your body?

I want to be healthy and stress free!


  1. The aura of all living things surrounds the body. A strong and pure aura is a protection against negativity and an indication of good health. “Suryayog”( A yoga of sun ) helps in strenghtening the aura. Purifying the aura also removes negative energy from organs, glands and chakras ( Chakras are energy centres of our body known to evoke consciousness ).
    Rub your hands briskly to generate heat. Now rub the back of the hands one by one.
    Make the surya mudra with the right hand – ( touch ring finger & middle of thumb, other finger’s straight ); press the centre of the left hand with your right thumb – this activates a mini chakra in the left palm. Now form the mudra with the left hand and activate the chakra in your right palm.
    Bring the hands towards each other and take them apart without touching. Do this 3-4 times. Feel the energy between the palms. Twist your hands without touching and feel the energy between them.
    Move your hands down towards the ground and pull them up ( about 3 times ). Feel the energy coming up.
    Take the hands up to the sky and draw energy from the universe.
    Consolidate the energy between your hands by shaping as if holding a football. Take this energy to the back of your head. Do not touch your body.
    Feel the positive energy in your hands pulling the negative energy out of your brain like a magnet.
    Slowly bring this energy to your forehead and eyes. Feel the warmth on your face, nose, mouth, chin, neck.
    Go down the chest to the heart and the lungs. Feel all impurities being removed.
    Move this energy towards your abdomen. Feel negativity being pulled out of the liver, spleen stomach, kidneys, intestines and the bladder.
    Collect all the negativity and throw it to the sun (Surya) to burn. Slap your hands clean.
    Take hands up and down to gather energy from the cosmos. Make a ball and take the energy to the back of the head. Feel the negative energy from all other organs being removed.
    Collect all negativity from the ground and offer to the sun (Surya) and dust your hands off.

  2. By replacing it with positive. Changing your thought processes…and making a regular habit of it…it takes practice…but the results are almost immediate….watch the movie the Secret if you haven’t already…or Wayne Dyer has a new book out too..Excuses Begone…
    Nature is also a natural healer and absorber…so spending more time out doors is very beneficial

  3. There is no such thing as ‘negative energy’, therefore you can’t cleanse it. Kathryn has clearly got your question mixed up with some kind of religious mumbo-jumbo.
    There are plenty of sites that show you how to be healthy: there’s no short cuts you have to eat correctly and exercise. Stress reduction is down to each individual, but certainly relaxation techniques, as well as identifying and dealing with the stressful aspects of your life is a starting point.

  4. Kathryn that was well explained. Few things I would suggest. Face East while doing it. Morning, at sunrise or before sunrise is ideal. Do not cross the ankles while doing mudras it will short circuit.
    Closing both hands in a handshaking posture can also neutralize the invoked energy. Dipping in Salt water or shaking hands with thumb hitting other fingers also can be used to discharge the negativity. with regards.


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