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How do twenty-somethings view the future?

When I was under 30 I had an optimistic view of the future.
How do people under 30 view the future now? Do you expect a war or natural disaster to wipe out the planet? Do you expect a spiritual awakening for people? Do you think it’ll be pretty much the same as it has been for the past centuries only with new technological breakthroughs? Do you expect a religious event to occur? Do you think there will be a major transformation other than the ones I mentioned? Do you have no idea and are just enjoying the present?
I’m really interested to know.


  1. I’m in my mid-20’s and I have had a pessimistic view of the future ever since I lost my job almost 2 years ago. I have no wife. I have no kids. I have no money. I have nothing.

  2. I have to say that my view of the future is pretty dark. On a personal level I know it will be almost impossible for me to get onto the property ladder until I am married even then will need a good few years to clear my debt from when I was a student and the evil credit cards. I currently work two jobs and I am involved in volenteer work so I have no time to socialise or to get a partner. When I do have a moment to myself I ususally drink far too much to forget about all the other things that go on in my life that I would rather were not here!
    On a global scale again there is not much hope if you consider that countries are going to war for little reason except for greed then it seems only a matter of time before Nuclear war is unleashed and we will be left without a safe place to bring up our children if we are still able to have them of course.
    In truth I have no idea what will happen but I can tell you I dont want to be here to see it.

  3. Im 26, and I think the future is going to be all right. A lot of times people expect flying cars and trips to the moon in 20-30 years. I think we will make some progress but it won’t be too different. I don’t think we will be living a post appocolyptic world. I think we will see a lot of medical break throughs in the next 20 years, increased life spans, and longer survival times for the current fatal diseases. As it has been, I think we will see people waiting longer to marry and have kids as compared to our parents generation.
    I would see a broader social reach for our generation as the internet continues to be a medium to put us in contact with people we normally would not have met. From around the corner to around the globe, we find more meeting grounds from various online communities. I think this will lead to more social understanding from developed nations.
    This will also put more of a gap between the underdeveloped nations. I imagine the gap of technology will widen, causing increased suffering for the third world countries, and don’t see a practical solution any time soon.
    More remote based work will be more commonplace for this generation down the road, leaving more free time. I think we are a much more care free and frivilous generation, with a deeper focus on ourselves. This isn’t meant to be bad, meaning more that we will see a lot more improved self image. Openess will continue to grow, as some of the old social taboos fade away.
    Overall: The future is so bright, I got to wear shades.


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