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How do the concepts of and heaven and hell differ from concept of reincarnation?

Wouldn’t entering into heaven or hell be at least in a sense reincarnation?
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  1. in reincarnation, the soul goes into another being. in heaven and hell, your soul goes to either place, you do not go into another being.

  2. The idea of reincarnation implies you have repeated times on earth to make up for the mistakes of the past.
    Heaven and hell are the eternal destination for a life lived only once.

  3. Well, from my own opinion, if you think they are ‘concepts’ then your questioning the existance? My own personal belief is that yes they do exist. Why? because all that is now, and was just didn’t happen. There was a reason for all, not just something that occurred, like the so-called big-bang theory. Heaven in Hell are mentioned and explained in the Bible, but a reference of re-incarnation is not really mentioned, that I know of. I think its’ the Buddhists that believe a whole lot in that, reincarnation. So I don’t really profess to know too much in the realm of reincarnate. Hopefully this helps somewhat.

  4. One no such thing as hell.
    Reincarnation literally “to be made flesh again”, meaning the same life force, leaves one flesh form and comes back into another flesh form.
    So, going into heaven, the life force does not materialize into flesh.

  5. Not really.
    Entering into heaven or hell implies that a final decision was made by the person that guarenteed their eternal reward with God or their eternal separation from God. There is only one chance at making this decision.
    From what I know of the concept of reincarnation a person dies but is reborn to have another shot at getting their life ‘right’, until finally they do. This may happen hundreds of times, or more.
    So actually, there is no similarity between Christianity and the far Eastern religions.

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